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Well, really this post is more “Paper or Plastic/Metal-combo” but that’s not a catchy title. A more descriptive title would be “Stationary and pretty pens or fancy space technology”.

I don’t think it’s a completely new problem, especially among the young adult set who are quick to adopt and use technology for increasingly large chunks of their lives. But as more accessible and fun technology is developed and introduced into my life (iPAD!) I find it an increasingly annoying conundrum.

I have always been obsessed with stationary, patterned notebooks, sparkly pens, bright colored pencils…it bordered on obsessive, especially during school supply time. Seriously, the only way I should be allowed in a Target or Michaels from July-October is if I’m handcuffed and being led around by someone else. It’s part my writerly/sketch-loving nature, part my love of brightly colored things, and part well, I’m not really sure. But I could have 15 unused notebooks at home, and I will walk into a store and see some leather bound thing with a monkey stamped on it and I will convince myself that its a creative necessity. Yea…

On the other hand, I really love all the cool things technology has brought to my life (iPAD!) Facebook was the coolest thing at our high school graduation parties because it was new and shiny and you couldn’t sign up without a college email address and OMG I could find my best friend from elementary school on there by searching for their Pittsburgh high school. Now everyone can use it, but it’s how I keep tabs on a lot of my good friends who don’t live so close to me anymore.

That makes me sound surprisingly old…that’s the cool thing about all the stuff flooding the markets these days though – it comes out so FAST. It’s not just fun things on the internets (s intentional) either. It’s the sleek shiny gadgets that you can carry all the fun internet, video and music content around on (iPAD!)

I love Twitter and Facebook, and watching Netflix on my new iPad (I will stop mentioning it now, promise). The sketchbook pro app is pretty freaking sweet too. BUT I also love mailing out cards for birthdays and the Christmas season.  And if the Animation Academy at California Adventure/Disney’s Hollywood Studios stopped using pencils and ginormous (seriously, why?) paper for their drawing classes I would maybe shrivel up and die.

Paper? Plastic? Paper? Plastic? …Such a dilemma. Luckily it’s not like I have to choose one over the other.

Though if I seem a little brain-melty, these are the kinds of things I battle out in my head. In case you were wondering.

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Why, hello there internet…and 2010…make that END OF FEBRUARY 2010…

Yea. It’s been a while. I could go around blaming trips home to NC for Christmas/New Years, starting a new job, and those semi-frequent trips to Disneyland that have been deemed necessary for my sanity. Or I could just admit that in PART because of those things, and in part due to just…brain melting, I’ve let writing of any kind slip to the backburner while I attempt to get fully acclimated to Los Angeles. And keep up with LOST (it’s basically the only thing discussed in the office ALL DAY on Wednesdays. So that makes it necessary.)

BUT I’m back! Hopefully for a while since 2010 is the year I finally kick myself into writing – and blogging is a nice start to that because at least it isn’t email #9442873. It at least gets me doing something not work related for a little bit.

I’m not entirely sure what these posts will continue to be about – though after recently getting into reading a couple of really engaging blogs that I think the best tactic is, instead of my word vomit info-dumps about all 30 things that have happened in the past weeks (or months…) that I’m going to try and tackle one thing at a time. Which is a pretty good philosophy I should probably be following in general.  Some of my favorites include: Marriage Confessions— no, I’m not married nor do I have a kid, but she’s so funny! Sea of Shoes makes me SO envious for this girl’s awesome wardrobe, and my best friend from high school, Ashley, is documenting her year living in Africa here. I also read a varied assortment of writing blogs in an attempt to shame myself into writing more (though really I end up reading more than writing. Oops.)

Anyway – posts with actual stories and pictures and other fun goodies coming this way. Home related, maybe some vague work related things (I’ll try to keep the WATCH THIS COOL SHOW WE’RE DOING posts to a minimum), glamorous party going related (ha…) and things in film and TV I feel strongly enough to devote a post too.

Get excited – new year, new adventures, and I’m ready to Get! This! Stuff! Written! Down!

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