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I saw Mr. Oscar in real life!

First off, if you’ll notice I had a little bit of time last night and today and added links to friends blogs (and a few others of people I WISH I were friends with), set up my twitter feed to show here, and had a little fun with tagging.I think I need to mention Disney here, so that I can tag this as Disney related and allow the GINORMOUS Disney that is swallowing up the other tags to continue chomp chomp chomping the competition. So I’ll let you all know that I plan on watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight (Regardless of varying quality I will continue to watch that show until the very last episode airs), which is on ABC, which is owned by Disney. So there we go.

I also pimped my blog out on good ol’ fb (facebook, the book of face, THE fb, if you will) and twitter, so that everyone I know will read! And tell their friends! And then I will have TONS OF BLOGGY INTERNET FOLLOWERS MUAHAHAHA. Or something like that. Actually, if my friends just periodically decide they want to check in with what I’m up to, I’d be pretty ok with just that. Maybe.

That was making me sound pretty nerdy, so on to a much less nerdy topic:

The Office Oscar Pool.

Ballots were officially given out today. Smack has officially been talked. Or laid down. In a menacing manner. Because at $5 per person this is one intense competition let me tell you. Well until we all started discussing/analyzing/comparing choices about 20 minutes later. But it was tense around here for a few minutes anyway. The rules, for this particular Oscar pool are as follows:

Our decisions are based on who WILL win. Not who we think SHOULD win, or who we just WANT to win. We only have one pick per category, though we debated for a while the other day about whether we would do a two-tiered system of WILL and SHOULD, or some kind of points system, the way that the Oscars is doing the Best Picture Race this year. But man, that was CONFUSING. So we stuck with nice and easy.

We also eliminated 3 categories from voting: Documentary Short, Animated Short and Live Action Short. Others were also debated but ultimately kept. Not that we have no love for the shorts, it’s just that no one here had seen any of them and those categories tend to end up a free-for-all guessing game anyway, so we deemed this the fairer route to go.

Ballots are due end of day tomorrow! (Minimizes cheating. Not that anyone would try that. Ahem.)

In last bits of pre-Oscar news: 1. I’m attempting to brave the crazy crowds for a glimpse of the glitz in person on Sunday. I realize this may be a suicide mission. 2. That madness will then turn into a tiny Oscar viewing party at my place BECAUSE THE ONE AND ONLY ABBY IS COMING TO LA for part of her spring break.

As you can tell I’m a little bit excited about 3 days with good friends from back home. It’s going to be legen-wait for it! – dary.

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Ok, I’m just getting started with this whole keeping-track-of-my-life-on-the-internet thing, and already everyone reading this is going to think I’m a total shopaholic. But really, the last entry was about ERRANDS, so that doesn’t count, right?

But anyway. The point. Do you ever have one of those days where the day is long, people are whiny, things just don’t seem to go your way, and you find yourself wondering if no one would mind too much if you either hung out under your desk for a few hours or just jumped off the roof? (I’m exaggerating here, just in case anyone was curious. It tends to happen sometimes.)

It is days like those (cough today cough) where sometimes, something small – a cool pen (I’m a dork), a vinyl toy (Disney’s Vinylmation, pictured above, has SERIOUSLY grown on me for some bizarre reason. I’m such a sucker. And did I mention major dork?) or that DVD you’ve been wanting (it took some serious self control not to go to Target straight after work and pick up Ponyo, which just came out) takes you’re mind off the crazy and helps you unwind.

Granted if that little destressing shopping trip turns into 5 DVDs and a couple of cute skirts AND omg I couldn’t resist those Jimmy Choos…well maybe then it’s time to find a new way to relax.

But seriously. I had to ACT today, among other things. And it was awkward. And I’m REALLY surprised I didn’t end up at Target. Look who has some willpower now! ha.

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