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After the OMG SO MUCH MADONNA MUSIC WOAH episode of last week, it was a much calmer time at McKinley High for “Home”. Not that there still wasn’t a lot of drama, and singing, and crying (just me?) going on.

Best Moments/Quotes:

*APRIL RHOADES aka Glinda aka Kristin Chenoweth is back. Squeeeeee! I love her and her crazy, boozy perkiness. April Moments that were awesome:

Night terrors make me laugh, even though they are a totally legit thing.

“I’m sobering up, Will. I haven’t had a drink in 45 minutes.” “I’m going to go to Broadway and put on the first-ever all white production of The Wiz.” (…The Wizard of Oz?) “Oh, and I bought the auditorium. It’s now theApril Rhoades Civic Pavillion.”

*The Mercedes/Cheerio story line — especially because it showed Mercedes and Quinn being friends now, and it was really sweet.

“Might wanna start writing down my little bon-mots.” — I am Sue, I am!

In terms of Quinn — it was nice that wardrobe finally decided she’s going to be pregnant, not just put in horrible layers. Cute outfits that also showed a baby bump (she was adorable at the pep rally). Finally, sheesh.

* The Finn/Finn’s Mom/Kurt/Kurt’s Dad New Family Dynamics:

Finn (whispered): I was conceived on that bed. Finn’s mom: You were conceived on a pin-ball machine. (Hilarious)

I felt SO bad for Kurt in this whole thing — he’s trying so hard to fit in in his family, and it’s not quite working out for him. In this storyline alone:

Finn’s mom made me cry (trying to get through to Finn about Finn’s dad). So did Kurt’s dad. So did Kurt, when he saw Finn bonding with his dad. Ugh.

* Best Brittany Quip of the Night: “How do I get my cat to stop reading my diary?”

* Best Quote of the Night, Hands Down, No Contest, Because Glee UNDERSTANDS What Tarheels Have Always Said:

“I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis”

Thanks, Kurt’s Dad, for putting an excellent quote to our feelings.

PS. I know Kurt’s Dad’s name is Burt, but I like calling him Kurt’s Dad.

A final note:

If American Idol doesn’t get their act together and start ending ON TIME so my DVR doesn’t cut off the end of Glee, I’m going to freak out on someone. Having to guess whether they’ll be 2, 10 or 30 minutes over is not ok. Ugh.

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