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It is an absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm Los Angeles Friday.

It’s the perfect day for short skirts, lace and some sailor influences. (I may take some pictures later, though fashion is more my sister’s territory).

It’s also a perfect day for some Boy Meets World — specifically Boy Meets World in its later “Eric is a total nutcase” years.

Ah, Eric. And timely warnings on sneak attacks this fine April Fools day.



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A few weeks ago, The Paley Center for Media put on their annual PaleyFest — two weeks of nightly panels from some of your favorite TV shows past and present. Years past, the PaleyFest has included shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, LOST, and 90210.

This year included a Freaks & Geeks/Undeclared Reunion (which I WISH I’d known about soon enough to go), Glee and The Walking Dead.

The final panel of PaleyFest this year (and the one that I went to) was on Raising Hope.

For those of you who may not have seen this freshman show, I highly recommend it. The basic premise is that Jimmy has a one night stand with a girl who turns out to be a serial killer. She gives birth to their baby in jail before she gets the death penalty and so Jimmy (and his white-trash parents & mawmaw) have to raise the (ADORABLE and hilarious) baby girl, Hope. That may sound a little…odd…but it’s an incredibly funny sitcom and has me laughing every, single week.

The PaleyFest panel was really great — in attendance were:

Creator Greg Garcia

“Jimmy Chance” — Luca Neff

“Virginia Chance” — Martha Plimpton

“Burt Chance” — Garret Dillahunt

and “Sabrina Collins” — Shannon Woodward (this is Jimmy’s love interest on the show — they are SO cute)


Kate Micucci (who plays Sabrina’s cousin Shelly) was in the audience, so they made her stand up a couple of times too.

The event started out by introducing Greg, and then he introduced the screening portion of the evening. They actually chose to screen the season finale for us, which was really exciting — though it means I can’t really talk about it, since I wouldn’t want to spoil anything! I can say that it was REALLY funny though, and brings back a lot of great recurring characters from the first season. It does a really good job (like a lot of their episodes do) of blending funny with genuinely touching moments — as Shannon mentioned during the panel, I think that this is a big reason that the show is as good as it is.

The panel afterward was really interesting — a lot of it ended up being about the actor’s background and kind of an “actor’s studio” on how they create the characters they portray week after week, but there was also a lot of talk about the writing and shooting process; and they also touched on what it’s like to consistently work with an infant and how Hope growing up will effect later seasons of the show.

They don’t have any clips from the event up on the Paley Center website yet, but here’s a promo for the most recently aired episode “Mongooses”

I’ll definitely be checking out the PaleyFest lineup next year!

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“That’s just I want, to be Topanga’s boyfriend. And then we can name our children Chewbacca and Plankton.” — Cory Matthews (Season 1, Ep 13)

Due to the demand of (two!) readers, the TGIF Friday posts are returning! And of course I’m kicking it off again with a Boy Meets World quote.

This is in part a celebration of the fact that they have FINALLY started releasing the later seasons of Boy Meets World on DVD (Season 4 came out at Christmas, 5 is due in May…)

It is also partially because — as older readers and anyone who knows me & my sister knows — Boy Meets World is our absolute favorite TGIF series. The amount of time Bug & I spend carrying out conversations that subsist on the use of Boy Meets World quotes is seriously insane.

There was news a week or so back that TeenNick (formerly called The N, also known as the American Home of Degrassi) is going to start airing a two-hour block of their old favorites like Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains it All. ABC has also come out saying they are contemplating a return to the TGIF Friday lineup, albeit with all new shows, not the TGIF gems of the 90s.

Still, one can only hope they may decided to follow suit eventually. Maybe on Saturdays? Or at least more thoroughly on DVD.

Here’s the start of the episode for all those looking for some TGIF video distractions:

Anyway, Happy TGIF everyone! It’s almost spring (it officially arrives this Sunday), so here’s to sunny days and pretty flowers.

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