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First — today is my daddy’s birthday, so I’d like to take a brief second and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For his birthday he’s actually going golfing in Ireland, and then meeting my mom in Paris/London. They’re going to be in London mere DAYS after The Royal Wedding.

I’ve asked for a commemorative teacup. Or thimble.

Anyway, the point is that a combination of their impending trip, and this view from my balcony:

View from my Rear Window, using Hipstamatic for iPhone

Well, it’s got me in a bit of a European mood, as of late. Don’t the trees you can see just peeking over that roof remind you of Tuscany?


Under the Tuscan Sun

And this painting in my living room:

Taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone

Well, not only did my sister find it for me on a trip to Paris (thanks, Bug!) but lately it’s been conjuring up images of this:

I swoon at both the original (1954) and remake (1995) of Sabrina

Heavens knows what will happen to my condo if I watch this any more times this week, as inspiration works both ways:

Leap Year (2010) starring the simply lovely Amy Adams

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I really like the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby “Road movies”. Our trip wasn’t quite as hilarious as theirs tended to be, but last week my parents and I did take a short trip up to Carmel. We drove, since my parents said that the trip up was supposed to be absolutely gorgeous along the coast.


Not us.

We took the PCH most of the way there (and back) and it was definitely beautiful:





The twists and turns that come with winding your way around enchanting mountains and gorgeous coastline…well, while there were no “STOP THE CAR NOW” moments, I will say I was quite disappointed in my roller-coaster-raised constitution. It simply would NOT hold it together for more than 20 minutes or so before I would start turning a “delightful” shade of green.


I called this the Bridge of Doom.

On the way back it was a lot easier to access the numerous turnouts created along the road so we were able to get some really great pictures.


Me & Dad





We also made a couple of friends 😉


You have food for me?!






Showing his good side for the camera

During our trip we made two really fun stops, but I took so many pictures that they’re getting the separate posts they deserve — so look for those soon! (Hint, one involves some marine life, and one involves someone in one of my favorite movie musicals…Newsies!)

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With the recent space shuttle launch in Florida, I feel like I have been seeing space travel related news EVERYWHERE.

Thomas Smith posted some really neat photos of the Shuttle Launch on the Disney Parks Blog.

Also, Marriage Confessions (one of my favorite new blogs to read) went to the Kennedy Space Center after Katie posted about how much they enjoyed watching the shuttle launch. (She used a Pixar reference in the title of the post, yay!)

This all got me thinking about my own Space Center visits, and how fun they were. I’ve actually been to two space centers, and both were really fun! I went to the Kennedy Space Center, like Marriage Confessions, with some Disney friends way back on my college program internship in 2007 when I was living in Orlando. Then a year-ish later I went to the Johnson Space Center in Houston as kind of a mini-reunion with some other Disney people. We are thick-as-thieves, us Disney-folk, if that phrase means what I think it means (that we are really awesome long distance friend keepers) and space center adventures fit in pretty nicely with our theme park-loving natures.

Here are some of the pictures I took at both places!

Kennedy Space Center:

A lot of the pictures we took at the Kennedy Space Center were our attempts to recreate the photos in the brochure/guide map. Sadly I don’t have pictures of the guide map for comparison so you’re just going to have to trust me on these next few.

"Family" checking out the sights!

"Family" looking at the launch pad!

"Family" looking at the big rocket

"Family" looking at the rocket building area

We finished up the day with enough time to go check out the rocket garden as the sun was going down. They are so, so big, and so, so pretty.

Rocket Garden at Sunset

Johnson Space Center:

It was kind of overcast when we went here, but we still had a lot of fun. It was fun to see what rooms and activities were the same as in Florida, and which things were new. It’s a lot more fun to run around saying “Houston, we have a problem” here too.

The rocket building area in Houston

They had a pretty cool rocket garden too

The Johnson Space Center had some things the Kennedy didn't...

Also - Star Wars. Important addition for learning about space travel.

I’d also like to briefly mention that if typing jaclynclaire.wordpress.com is too much of a pain for you, jaclynclaire.com will also get you right back here to this blog now! That’s 8 whole letters and a period less typing for you to do! You’re welcome.

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