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The Little Mermaid was the very first movie that I saw in theaters. My mom said that I spent the entire movie literally sitting on the edge of my seat, not saying a peep, eyes glued to the screen.

To this day I love that movie – Prince Eric is totally dreamy (for an animated character) and Ursula is one of my favorite baddies of all time.


Suffice it to say I’ve been excited about Ariel: The Undersea Adventure at Disney’s California Adventure ever since I heard they were going to start building it…and it’s FINALLY OPEN!



I love the King Triton statue on the front of the building

I would describe the attraction as a mix of a Fantasyland dark ride (taking you through a condensed version of the story) and Haunted Mansion (continuously moving Shell vehicles).


It takes you through all the best songs — including a HUGE Under the Sea area. It really does a great job of immersing you in the scenes.

Ariel "Under the Sea" (Image via Instagram)

Kiss the Girl - my fav movie scene (image via Instagram)

King Triton, in the final scene (image via Instagram)

The most amazing part of the attraction is the animatronic characters. I’ve never seen any look so lifelike before! It’s like they’ve literally plunked you into the movie with these characters — Ursula is especially impressive in her movements.

Ursula, larger than life (image via Instagram)

We luckily got the chance to ride it back when they were still doing previews and had no wait, but I’ve ridden it once since then as well now that it’s officially open, and I definitely foresee myself dragging everyone I’m with on it regardless of the ridiculous wait times throughout the summer. Luckily even a long line feels like it’s moving pretty quick with the continuously loading vehicles. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of the film!


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On one of the recent sunny warm LA spring days, I decided to head over to Universal Studios to take their studio tour — I’d heard that they had recently completed all the construction on their backlot (they were still rebuilding from the 2008 fire when I went with Arden) and I hadn’t been on it since they added the King Kong 3D experience.

Here are some highlights of the tour — just think of me as your own personal tour guide!


Arriving at Universal Studios Hollywood

The view on the way to the studio tour — backlot sets below, with Warner Brothers Studios in the distance.




Part of the newest areas on the backlot — the rebuilt city streets. We were told that the new Spiderman movie would be using some of this area for filming!


The new courthouse, where the courthouse from Back to the Future once stood:


I was surprised they didn’t rebuild the courthouse in the same look as before, since they continue to make such a big deal out of the fact that Back to the Future shot there, but it doesn’t look like itself anymore. I feel like the original courthouse (below) was just as multipurpose as the new one!

I have never heard Peter Jackson name dropped more than I did on this tour. He probably tied with Spielberg (which is slightly more expected, but still). Way to not be subtle, Universal!


Seems like something BIG got here before us...

Just another pleasant day in Amityville:


I’m incredibly proud of this next shot, because I just about jumped out of my skin in the middle of pushing the button.



Meanwhile, it’s been snowing on the northern parts of the lot in Whoville:


Some of these tour stops really prove that Universal used to be the King of Horror. Case in point:


Anyone wanna check in? Seems Norman is helping the last guest out...


So. Much. Debris.

And just because I like that they added it to their Universal Experience display (not on the tour, but in the Lower Lot area of the theme park):


I just finished Bossypants and LOVED. IT.

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In lieu of a TGIF post yesterday (or any post yesterday…oops!) and since it is Easter tomorrow, I thought I would share these nostalgic videos I found of the Walt Disney World Easter Parade (back when it was a full blown parade that was broadcast on TV, and not a 10 minute pre-parade like they’ve done the past couple of years).

The quality is a little…dated, and the sound is kind of off in the first one, but Happy Easter!!

I attempted baking and went on a Disney-related adventure earlier today, so look for those sometime this coming week, as well as some potential blog maintenance updates/enhancements (maybe…) !

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