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Anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE taking pictures. I’m also pretty addicted to my iPhone, and love trying out new tech finds.

Well imagine my surprise when one of my fav YouTubers ijustine showcased a product that combined my love of all of the above! The Olloclip.

It’s basically a little 3-lens combo that clips (duh) onto your iPhone and enhances its camera. I decided to get it with some birthday money and I have been in LOVE. Probably to the point of overusing the fisheye lens JUST A BIT.



(Fisheye examples #1, 2 and 1,375)

I like it bc of how supremely portable it is- this coming from someone who’s used to toting a giant dslr wherever she goes. Though I recently acquired a smaller Nikon J1 for Christmas (which I also love, despite it’s current malfunctioning 10-30mm lens…) I’ve found I like having something even more compact for spur of the moment pictures.

(Taken with the wide-angle lens option while at our fabulous Easter Brunch in Malibu)

And while the iPhone takes very clear, pretty pictures on a normal basis, I feel SLIGHTLY more photography-y (not a word, I know) when I’m using it.

Does anyone else use the Olloclip or any other device with their phones camera? It’s not being overly ridiculous to use both this AND the Instagram app, right? Good. Because you can’t take either away from meeeeee!

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I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. I knew going in that they were dealing with that whole signal-killing-death-grip-thing but I also heard that updating my iPhone 3G to ios4 could kill it, and that reception in my place was so awful I was willing to chance it if there was a hope of fewer dropped calls.

A few days in and there are definitely less dropped calls! And I can’t even figure out how to execute the death grip that kills reception. I’ve been trying. Also — anyone up for some FaceTime fun? Anyone? Bueller?

I can change the background behind my apps too, which is neat. It’s currently this:

I’ve only gotten 2 new apps with the new phone — the iBooks iPhone app so I can sync my iBooks from my iPad, and iMovie.

I’m still figuring out how it works, but it’s a pretty simple process from what I can tell. I wish there was more freedom in where you could put text boxes (over an entire clip is kind of annoying) and but other than that it’s a really fun way to make quick videos from your phone look a little snazzier. Uploading them straight from your iPhone to youtube doesn’t keep them in HD quality (I believe the file is too big?) but quality is still good. I might try syncing to my computer later just to see the difference.

Here are two examples I made with clips of shows I saw with Ryan, Alex and Beth at Disneyland this weekend:

Summer Nightastic fireworks show “Magical”


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While I’m all for the convenience of cell phone cameras, I’ve never been a huge fan of them. Honestly, I got my Nikon D50 SLR a little over 3 years ago, and it’s been pretty much glued to me ever since, even though it’s huge, and heavy, and my purse sizes have increased exponentially as a result. Since it’s so often with me, I’ve rarely had a reason to need my tinier, poorer quality iPhone camera, unless I want an instant gratification phone background or caller-ID photo.

I installed 2 new camera apps on my phone though, and now it’s addicting:

The first one, and a more frequently used one, is Hipstamatic. Which, at first, I was skeptical of because it sounds incredibly lame to me. I in no way qualify as a “hipster”, and the name makes me giggle. I may have recently come to love my Ray-Bans and the occasional plaid shirt, but I’m pretty solidly a Top-40 music listener (with the exception of people like The Monkees, who were Top-40 in their day) and I don’t have any pseudo-faux-super-intellectual “it’s cool because it’s like so retro” reasons for going to theme parks, or watching Full House.

But Hipstamatic is so.freaking.cool. because I like to take pictures, and I like playing around with the lighting on them, and I think making them older-looking helps hide the fact that most camera phone photos I take look super grainy. And I can click through different lenses LIKE it’s a SLR, but without having to carry around weird lenses and filters. I just press the little yellow button, and my photos look like this:

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream?

And this:

Enchanted Tiki Room...circa 1980??

Or this:

It's a moody, Baywatch-kind-of-day at the beach

The old fashioned-y vibe is a little California-y to me too. I think it’s because for some reason when I think about the Los Angeles of yester-year I either get visions of the 1930s/40s or the 1970s/80s. Is that weird? Maybe? Anyway, moving on.

The other app I got is called Pano — like the name sounds (sorta) it helps you make panoramic photos on your phone. It’s a pretty neat little app, letting you take a string of photos and then merging them together. It leaves a bit of a watermark from the last photo you’ve taken so you can line them up properly. I have a decent zoom lens on my Nikon, an 18-200mm, so I get a pretty good wide angle shot too. But still, it can’t quite get a panoramic view and since I’m not really ready to start investing in a lot of lenses yet (and rarely have a need to) this app is a great little parlor trick for me.

Here’s the entire Magic of Animation stage at Disney’s California Adventure (the app has a bit of lag time, so I was happy I managed to get it before our artist started moving around a lot!)

So now, both my Nikon AND my iPhone are getting worn out when I run around.

Ok, maybe using this app in a Starbucks is going a little overboard...

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for my Glee recap with *eeeeeeeeek!* Neil Patrick Harris guest starring!

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