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Post-Superbowl Gleecap!

First episode back of 2011, and it’s the first of TWO episodes this week! Could it get any better?

Favorite Moments of the Supersized Post-Superbowl episode “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” :

* Favorite Song of the Night: Thriller/Heads will Roll, partially because the makeup and choreography was SO great — the zombie look was actually kinda creepy. Bills Bills Bills was a close second, if only for the intense middle school nostalgia it invoked.

* Puck’s Top Gun quote — Maverick & Ice Man for the win.

* Best Brittany Quote (mostly because I-can’t-help-it-I-still-like-One-Tree-Hill): I dont want to die yet — at least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled (which, for the record, will probably be never.)

* “You want us to play the first half, change in to some Sea-Queen ballgowns and perform the halftime show for our own championship game?!” (misc football player forced into Glee club for the week) (I don’t know how to adequately emphasize the gross mispronunciation of the word sequin in that quote…)

* I feel like everyone changed teams about 8 times this episode and it was ENTIRELY too confusing. To recap:

We have Glee Kids (some are cheerleaders, some play football) and Football Team

Coach Bieste & Shue make the football team join Glee so it’s Glee + cheerleaders + entire football team

Then cheerleaders quit (thanks Sue) so it’s Glee + football – cheerleaders

Then it’s Glee + Glee football kids – rest of football – cheerleaders

THEN it’s Glee + Glee football kids – cheerleaders AND it’s Football – everyone but Glee + Glee girls

THEN it’s Football back to normal, and Glee back to normal when the cheerleaders finally (once and for all?) quit cheerleading.


* Speaking of all the switcheroos though, I really liked the way they handled Karofsky this episode — he really did a great job this week and made me not QUITE hate his as much as usual. Maybe by the end of the season we’ll see him start to mend his ways just a little bit more?

* Sue trying to shoot someone out of a canon was completely nuts (and slightly reminiscent of the Fonz jumping over some sharks on water skis…) but I love that she knew giving Brittany a hand drawn (with crayon!) letter from the canon and a sob story about the canon’s twin baby canons would convince her to sign her life away. A Suclear Weapon for sure…

* I loved when the girls filled in for the first half of football and while Rachel, Tina and Mercedes dove to the ground, Lauren body-checked a guy straight to the ground. Hilarious!

* The Katie Couric bit, while funny (and already getting a response from Dina Lohan, for yet another Lohan-dig from the Glee crew) was a bit forced in? I guess I just thought they’d moved up regionals, not nationals for the Cheerios competition…? Maybe I just missed something though, since this episodes was JAM PACKED.

* “You’re not going to kiss me again, are you?” – Coach Bieste to Shue (ha!)

* “Blaine and I love football. Well…Blaine loves football. I love scarves” — Kurt to his little circle of besties Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes, who were all hanging out together at a new Glee-hangout, a coffee shop! Somewhere not school, not home and not Breadstix! Way to diversify your locations, Glee.

All in all, a little outrageous (but when isn’t Glee like that in some way, honestly) and a pretty solid episode. The recap for tonights Valentines episode will come tomorrow! Yay!

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