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A couple weeks ago, my sister and her friend came to California for their spring break. While I didn’t get to participate in their full week of LA festivities, we DID spend the first weekend of their visit at Disneyland in full-on tourist mode.

Jen’s friend had never been to California or any Disney parks, so for the first time in pretty much forever (and especially since my CP days when I learned how to run around the parks like a crazy person) we did Disney the super touristy way. And it was SO. MUCH. FUN.


We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel (which has recently finished a huge remodel) on Saturday night so we could make the most of our two days at the parks- including the Extra Magic Hour you get when staying on property.


This turned out to be a HUGE blessing, since not only is it a great hotel, but it down poured most of Saturday and it was really helpful to have a place to go dry off and recharge in the middle of the afternoon. (We seriously used the hair dryer on our clothes and filled to tub with hot water to warm our frozen feet.)

The rain chased most of the crowds away, so we actually ended up seeing most of both parks.


Surprisingly, there weren’t long lines for Splash Mt on a rainy day

Sunday, we started off the day with some Fantasyland rides and then The Plaza Inn character breakfast with Minnie and friends! I love character meals and it had been way way too long since the last time I’d been to one. Nothing says breakfast like Mickey waffles!!


Max loooooved us

Finally, since it was Jen’s birthday, and Jessa’s first visit, I took the opportunity to use a Disney service I’d never tried before- their gift basket service! I called a couple of days in advance of our arrival and they brought the (somewhat customizable) baskets right to our hotel room!


We had a great weekend- it was so fun taking things a little slower and taking part in some of the things we tend to skip when we’re dashing around the park at light-speed 🙂

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Yesterday was not only the Last Day Of Class (or, LDOC) for all my friends back at UNC, it was also my sorority’s Founder’s Day! I actually hadn’t remembered, like at all, until a cute little e-card from the lovely ladies at PiBetaPhi.org arrived in my inbox reminding me as such.

Every year, some of our girls went to a Founder’s Day tea in the spring with the other NC chapters of Pi Phi in the area (Duke, and NC State), and while the actual yes-you-have-to-go-to-this-part was a little groan-inducing, they were always really fun when we got there. Free for all brunches and silly songs are a not-so-bad morning in my book.

Unlike the craziness of sorority life in the fall with rush and a million other things going on, by this time of year formal was over and it was all about Fried Fridays at lunch (sadly, I’ve heard these are now a thing of the past), reading/laying out on the porches (I tried not to get too burnt), and the occasional CS — an awesome Pi Phi tradition that revolves around…eating cookies. YUM!

It’s times like these that I miss springtime in Chapel Hill, and especially, springtime at Pi Phi.

These girls can get you through ANYTHING

Snacks the sorority way

Pi Phi Seniors Spring 2009

I just love the ridiculousness of this

Family 🙂

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You’d think I’d know better.

It’s the end of April, meaning that in past years spring break (beach and sun time) would’ve come and gone by now.

I have light hair, and light eyes, aka PALE.

I have not been outside in anything resembling a bathing suit in months, even though I  now live in California. (That means I’m VERY PALE right now).

And yet…it was SO nice out on Sunday. Sunny, mid-high 70s, breezy. So, I went up to my roof in one of my favorite new bathing suits, and slathered on sunscreen (I’m not THAT stupid) and read for fun for a while.

In the sun. Barring theme park excursions where I’ve mostly been in jeans and tees (since you know, people LIE to people who are not yet in California and make them think it is ALWAYS 75, and it’s actually been kinda chilly) I haven’t been in the sun like that since last summer. I am an idiot.

Two and a half hours later (how did I not realize this was too long?!), and I’m mildly pink all over when I walk inside. Not TOO bad mind you (I did have on lots of California Tan sunscreen, which is the best stuff on the planet) and I was also a teensy-bit brown and freckly. I don’t really mind the freckly part though (I find mild sun damage cute??).

A few more hours inside though…and my stomach is achey, and it hurts to move my ankles, and my face started feeling a little pinch-y.

Great. Just great, Jaclyn. WAY. TO. GO.


It’s actually not too visible anywhere but my stomach anymore, but still.

I’ve just been telling myself that it could be worse. At least it’s not like when I came back from a long weekend at Hilton Head with my family for my birthday Junior year completely FRIED (over cooked Lobster style), and decided that wearing green would help offset it. You see, when you put green (i.e. concealer) ON red, it helps mask it. SURROUNDING red, not so much.

Arden, Sophie and I during their infamous "Cupcake Run" Junior Year

Apparently I destroyed all evidence of the green shirt debacle, but you get the idea.

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