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And apparently you can learn the proper etiquette at Disneyland, with the Royal Coronation Ceremony. A five-times-a-day show I have NO clue was playing back in the Princess Fantasy Faire until just a few weeks ago. I knew there used to be a Snow White show (or something to that effect) way back in the day, but lo and behold, I got to quote A Little Princess, and see little girls get trained just in time for a dance with Snow White, Aurora (that’s Sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella.
I seriously contemplated joining, especially when they busted out a couple of May Poles, but being the only person over the age of 11 who seem inclined to do so, I stayed in my seat at the back of the theater like the normal 23 year olds.


Aurora was a TOTAL delight. Loved her.


Regular cut ups, these two

Here’s a clip of Sleeping Beauty’s arrival, for those who want a taste of the show (which is very similar to the Jedi Training Academy that plays in Tomorrowland — this one just is all about princes and princesses):

The second the show was over, however, I was right down on the floor getting pictures in front of the very gorgeous forest castle set.


Oh, hi giant forest castle set



Aurora approved.

The Princess of Stickerland joined me by the flowers as well:


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