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iPad? iPad!!

Me & my iPad!

Drumroll please:

After a surprisingly quick line this morning, I’m the proud owner of a 32gb iPAD!

The more I read the reviews this week, the more excited I got. Luckily the mall closest to me was pretty quiet (it might also have been because the Apple store was the only thing open at the time, I was there that early…) and I was in and out with my new electronic baby quickly.

Anyone have a good name for it? My laptop is named George (George Washington – Washington Apples – Apple Macs…get it?) if that helps with the naming process.

I’ve spent the afternoon putting a fair amount of movies, tv, music and pictures on it, as well as some cool apps, and it has been really really easy to work with. Some apps I’m already obsessed with:


It came with Winnie the Pooh (!!) and the color illustrations look great. I also downloaded a bunch of free domain books I like (Peter Pan, Grimms Fairy Tales, Pride & Prejudice) to start. Page turning is kinda fun and the short reading I’ve done so far looks great.


I could download all the books I had on my kindle onto my iPad! Made it totally worth it. Also – FREE!

ABC Player:

Also free, and streaming the Grey’s episode I tried was great. In that vein, the NETFLIX app also works great (I tried Mighty Ducks out hehe.)


Looks really cool on the iPad. Now I need the official Facebook app, and I can keep up with my severe Facebook/Twitter addiction on all platforms.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get Scrabble, because everyone seems to love it, as well as a drawing app and Pages, but I haven’t gotten any paid apps yet. Looking forward to figuring out more cool things to do on it this weekend!

Phil Dunphy would be proud I’m celebrating his birthday this way.


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TGIF Friday everyone! (Is that repetitive?) Today’s flashback brought to you by the lovable Cody from Step By Step.

I may need to do some serious shopping the next couple of days — I found out this week that Martin and Osa is closing sometime soon (I don’t have a date- does anyone else know?!) My sister and I found this store back in North Carolina (it’s hotly debated who found it FIRST, even though it was so me) and we’ve been replenishing large chunks of our wardrobe there for years. I don’t know what I’m going to do without their awesome chunky necklaces and basic tees. It’s the end of a wardrobe era for me. Luckily I live in Los Angeles now, and there are so many great places to look I feel like I rarely go shopping for fear of spending my entire paycheck at the drop of a hat.

It’s the end of another week though, and I, for one, am ready for some fun adventures this weekend! Not that I have any idea what they are yet, but that’s beside the point.

Until next time, enjoy this gem of a video introducing the one and only “Codeman”

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It’s my little sister’s birthday this coming weekend and I’ve been struggling to find something. She is hard to shop for, and finding a good present is just HARD in general. I’m HORRIBLE at finding birthday presents (or even giving options for myself — sorry family!) I never have the slightest clue where to start, and then, when I come up with THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY CONCEPT, it’s impossible to find because I made it up in my head and it doesn’t exist, so it either takes me 200 years to make it or I find something similar but not quite what I KNOW I could find SOMEWHERE and I end up frustrated.

Gift-Giving Over the Years:

When I was in elementary school, every year seemed to have a go-to item. One year, I “supervised” and added tiny/easy details to personalized clipboards my mom would decorate for my friends. We were really craftsy when I was younger, so there were a lot of personalized/self-decorated things. First clipboards, then another year all my friends got jewelry boxes and so on, only venturing away from the go-to item if I was good enough friends with them that I knew they REALLY wanted something different. In the age of invite-everyone-in-your-class-to-your-birthday-party it’s tricky maneuvering that many parties!

Middle school was, for people I knew anyway, the age of Bath and Body Works. Don’t know what to get someone (which I usually didn’t)? What’s their favorite scent at Bath and Body Works then because there are ENDLESS soap/lotion/candle combinations. Scented candles or lotions are still a pretty good bet, come to think of it. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I received enough B&BW over a 3 year period to last me decades.

In college the only really EASY birthday is 21, because as a fall back you can always buy them wine glasses/shot glasses/promises of taking them to the ABC store so they can buy their first bottle of alcohol on your dime. Other than that? Headache.

When I worked in Disney it was pretty easy too, simply because living in the Disney-bubble meant that everyone got something Disney related at all gift-giving holidays for about a year. Tailored to personal taste there were Disney movies, books, clothing, stuffed animals (for the kid in all of us) or household decorations. Sparkly mouse ears and Finding Nemo DVDs for all!

Lately though, I’ve been a fan of the birthday “concept”. The 21st birthday is the most commonly known variation of that motif, and as I mentioned it can take me 200 years to figure out what to get and then actually FIND what I’m thinking of, but it has seemed to turn out pretty well for all parties involved lately. For example: A year ago my sister went to Paris and London with some classmates for Spring Break, so the Christmas before hand I got her European-travel themed things — a travel folio, calendar of Paris for the New Year, a couple of sightseeing books. Fun yet functional (at least that’s my attempted goal) and it’s really cool to get a few things that all go together in a unique way. I wish I had a picture of how I wrapped everything together because that’s half the fun for me — Christmas is the best because I’m a wrapping paper addict, no lie.

I would post a pic of the awesome concept gift I’m getting my sister THIS year, but 1) she hasn’t gotten it yet and that would ruin the surprise and I’m not going to be a party pooper on my own party and 2) the way I got things this year, they’re actually going in two separate packages so I didn’t really wrap it up in a fun way anyway.

But it is AWESOME, let me tell you.

Even if I had to give myself a few gray hairs to work it out.

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