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A couple weekends ago, Sherman Oaks opened their own weekly farmers market.

I’d been to the big, permanent farmers market at The Grove roughly a billion times since I’ve moved out here, but I’ve never gone to one of the weekly ones that are so prevalent in LA before — each one is open different days of the week, and at different times, and I’m always forgetting to go until I see a sign pointing out that I JUST missed one.

This time, though, I’d left myself enough reminders to know that come 9 AM Saturday morning, it was time to get up and get my little butt over to the farmers market!

I was definitely delighted at their first efforts — a good selection of fresh flowers, and a fairly wide range of fresh (and often organic) fruit, vegetables and nuts. Prices were pretty on-par with what I normally pay too, so stopping by weekly isn’t going to break the bank.



You could also find some bakery options, and local restaurants with stands to provide breakfast. (Eggs or breakfast burritos, anyone?)

There was even some live entertainment (I have no idea if this is a typical farmers market thing, but it was really enjoyable!)


It was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but it was just the first week. This is also the first Sherman Oaks sponsored one, meaning it’s SUPER close to me — definite bonus points! I’m definitely looking forward to early Saturday morning trips for the foreseeable future!

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I’ve decided I really want to try to keep up a 3-4 times a week pace on this blog, and have been building back up to that after a very weak summer. But after a weekend away I’m still in a “wow, I feel like nothing is going on right now!” kind of mood, and don’t have anything (until Glee tomorrow) to write a lengthy post on.

So, in the vein of two of my favorite bloggers: Katie at Marriage Confessions and the wonderful YA author Sarah Dessen, a LIST:

1. Despite looking like fall (at least, if we’re going by name of the month, and the decorations at Disneyland) it has been INSANELY hot in Los Angeles the past 3 or 4 days. All-time record breaking temperatures of 113, higher in the Valley (home sweet home) with the heat indexes. YIKES!

2. Speaking of Disneyland, I wore this t-shirt (below) there this weekend and at LEAST 8 different people, both cast member (aka, employee) and not, asked me if I was an Imagineer. When I tried to correct one cast member that, sadly no, I was not affiliated with Disney at this time, he then became convinced that I must be “good friends” with Wendy. Again, sadly no. I WISH I knew Wendy, or was an Imagineer, or could say in some way that I was back with the Mouse House. Maybe after person #3 I should have started agreeing with them. All the more reason to be continually pursuing my dreams and working on being able to say yes for real when the question arises in the future.

3. The reason I was down at Disney this weekend though, was for this:


A very good friend insisted that I go see his best friend Goofy and it could not have made for a more fun afternoon! It’s important to me to be able to support my friends in what they love whenever possible, even if it’s just going to visit THEIR friend for them 😉

4. Speaking of clothes (um, and I was…up there…promise) I’m kind of loving this Tucker for Target top.

Photo on 2010-09-28 at 13.38 #2

I’m loving Target’s dedication to really cute fairly cheap designer clothes in general, actually. This should not, though, be a free reign for me to start shopping again more frequently. Please, friends (and internet buddies?) do NOT let me become a shopaholic again!

5. Finally, thanks to Tumblr (because I’m not on enough bloggy/social sites, obviously), I found this really great new sneak peak of Tangled, coming out this November. I think my intense excitement over this film is reaching epic Meet the Robinsons levels, which is feat because that film was the first Disney film I’d been excited about after dark years, plus it had a dinosaur in a tiny hat, PLUS it came out on my birthday while I was on the Disney College Program. So yea, basically I’m really excited for this, from the voice casting to the overall look of the film and just…everything, pretty much. Except the music, because I haven’t heard any of it yet.

There are definitely more in the way of what could be spoiler info (?) in this one, so be warned before you watch!

Ok, that’s all. Glee recap tomorrow! Britney/Brittany!!

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This past weekend was a pretty scatterbrained mash-up of activities:

1. Saw Ramona & Beezus. My love of children’s films, and lack of shame over not having an under-12 with me, compelled me to see this adorable (though slightly bland) film. Since it’s already almost out of theaters, I went to a VERY small theater in Sherman Oaks — the theater lights were already turned off when I exited the show a little after 10 on a Friday. Made me feel like I was back in NC, where at 10 PM there are approximately 2 cars on the road.

Ramona and Beezus

Image via Wikipedia

2. Also saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Hello film-viewing-180! This film had a very cool aesthetic and I loved the “leveling up” video game touches throughout. The supporting cast definitely made this movie for me — I LOVED Kieran Culkin (hilarious), seeing Anna Kendrick made me smile, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (of Sky High fame for me, haha) was great as Ramona Flowers. Apparently it was a very Ramona weekend. Unfortunately, and this is where I probably break from the pack, this movie really just made me realize how much I don’t like Michael Cera. Or at the least I’m very bored with the character he frequently plays, even if it fits very well in this film.

3. I went to the Santa Monica Pier to read/lay out (which ended up being an…interesting choice, since unlike the valley it was overcast and very windy) and hang out with Jeremy and his friends at a beach football game. Which was interrupted at one point by what, upon initial sighting, made me (as a former Disney CP) want to run for the hills:

Is that a...*gulp*...GINORMOUS TOUR GROUP?

It turned out to not be a crazy singing/chanting group of foreign tourists, but a flash mob led by a guy with a giant clock for a head…yea…Let’s go to the video!

After the invasion, a few of us went to the new Santa Monica Place mall for lunch. The sun peaked out briefly for lunch in the gorgeous, spacious, incredibly clean food court, and for a bit of wandering around. There is an incredibly large Nike store, a Kitson, and a bunch of designer stores (oh la la) and one of the new, revamped Disney stores!

*Disney geek out* It was not quite as Apple-esque and touch-screen/no-more-sales-desks-happy as I’d originally heard, but it is very pretty, and more interactive than past designs. Design touches included: a giant Princess Castle with large mirrors for optimum dress up; a gazebo-esque area where you can use touch screens to select both recent and retro video clips to watch on a big screen; and a very “I’m in a “fairy”tale (hello Tink!) forest wandering down a path” type color scheme/decor. See new Disneystore.com headers as example:

Disneystore.com -- the redesign

Finally, before leaving we walked around 3rd street promenade (an outdoor, no car strip of stores, right next to the new mal, which I feel like I haven’t done in FOREVER. Did you know they are now dino friendly?


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