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Full Disclosure here: I did not actually get around to watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show before seeing Glee’s rendition of it last night.

*ducks the flying toast that I’ve heard gets thrown around during screenings*

Now that that’s out of the way, Favorite Moments of The Rocky Horror Glee Show:

* While I haven’t actually watched the movie, I DID immediately recognize the opening credits/singing mouth sequence, and thought it was a pretty cool homage. Totally thought it was Quinn, until EW.com corrected me today (it was Santana).

* I really like that Carl is helping Emma open up and be “cured” in a totally sweet, non pushy way and that they are generally really happy. Honestly, he is the exact opposite of Will in many ways, and I think it’s a better fit. When Will and Emma first started crushing on each other in Season 1, I thought it was cute, but the more it goes on the more I REALLY want it to stop. He just gets arrogant and fake (Emma clearly sees right through most of his actions lately) and annoying. Plus I really want Uncle Jesse around as much as possible. Stupid Will – stop using Glee club to get girls! You are a grown man! And don’t take parts away from students so you can prance around in your underwear to impress said girl! You are very fit, but this is a very gross personality trait.

* Favorite Song of the Night: Tie between The Time Warp and Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me. Time Warp was awesome because Adam Shankman’s dance background was put to good use, the costumes for the show are pretty great, and it was giving me major flashbacks to Full House with Mike Chang in that Uncle Jesse wig. I actually thought it was John Stamos at first, to be honest. Will and Emma’s song was good because I like when they showcase Jayma Mays, which doesn’t happen that often musically. Also Santana and Brittany were hilarious/super creepy in that scene.

* I was actually a little surprised that a large portion of the episode was devoted to men’s insecurities with their bodies, as it was just not expected. It totally makes sense that Sam or Finn would be insecure about themselves, as they have an image to maintain so-to-speak. It was just interesting to see them speak so openly about it. Also, GOLD BOXERS OH MY GOODNESS SAM I AM.

* Sue has very exceptional pumpkin carving skills. Not that I should be surprised.

* One minor gripe, as a virgin Rocky Horror girl, is that much like Finn (This script is confusing! And not in a cool Inception kind of way) I was sort of confused plot-wise about what Rocky Horror is about. I don’t know if this was a result of having to edit for primetime TV (and thereby “justified” in all the talks with Principal Figgins about editing the show to make it suitable for high schoolers) or if they just assumed that everyone already knows the story. Overall it was a huge problem…but it was definitely a little irritating.

* To the whole Will-is-annoying-me situation, I’m really glad that Carl called him out for going back on his word to leave Emma alone. Will needs to learn that he can’t abuse his situation as head of Glee club to help his personal life, and that he really has enough on his hands with ex Terri (come back soon, please??) without spending so much effort to steal someone else’s girlfriend.

* “Give me some chocolate, or I will cut you” — OH Becky. You are pretty much awesome. Also, funniest line of the night, as Brittany was actually pretty silent this week.

* “Halloween is fast approaching: The day when parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls and little girls to dress like whores.” — Sue. Of course. Also…she has a bit of a point. Oy, Sue.

* Is it weird that the first thing that came to mind after watching this episode was how similar it felt pacing-wise to High School Musical? It is NOT AT ALL like that movie, but this was very much the show about putting on a show type situation that was the entirety of those movies. And we only saw them singing in rehearsal or on stage in costume, so it was just a similarity that I noticed.

All in all, it was a really good episode! And I’m glad Will finally got the point about the experience of Rocky Horror being the most important thing, and that it’s all about outcasts (ahem Glee Club), not about being ridiculous and all about shock-value. Hopefully this is the last of the “this is a THEME EPISODE” episodes for a while though, because they wear me out a little.

Also — Puck is back next episode!! But that episode is in TWO WEEKS again. I do not appreciate that Halloween Trick, Fox.

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