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A week ago (well, almost two weeks ago Saturday now…oops) one of my very best friends Erin got married, and I was able to not only fly down to Texas to see it, but I got to actually be IN the wedding too, and spend lots of time (though never enough!) with Erin and her absolutely wonderful now-husband Mike.

I flew in Friday early afternoon, and of COURSE got to spend over an hour trying to get a rental car, because that kind of thing just happens when you’re trying to fly into Houston and drive over an hour away to get to a rehearsal dinner on time! Luckily I had a large enough window for it not to be a problem though, and I actually got to the hotel just as Erin was coming by to check into the bridesmaid rooms with my other friend Emily, and Erin’s really great friend from high school, Daisy.

Emily drove Jeremy and I to the rehearsal & dinner, where we passed this along the way:

Oh, hello giant fire hydrant

The rehearsal was great! and the church is SO beautiful — one of only a very few basilicas in the entire United States.

Emily made Erin’s practice bouquet for the rehearsal, with some key touches like A&M colored ribbons, and a reference to our favorite past boss:

Spot the Hidden Mickey!

The rehearsal dinner was at Bistro Lemonde, in Beaumont. So chic! And great food. We pushed together some of the tables to make epically long ones capable of fitting the whole wedding party plus some extras. It was also ideal for fork pyramid making, as Jeremy and Aiden (Erin’s 3 year old cousin) could attest.


ANKOLE CATTLE for all you Safari Drivers out there

The next day, all the bridesmaids gathered at the hotel to put on makeup and get dressed. I MAY have walked down the hall in my pjs, and continue to bum around in them until it was time to actually put on our super awesome bridesmaid dressed (with POCKETS!)

After we were dressed, we then hopped in the limo (!!) to go to the church so that Erin (the lovely bride) could dressed. There are a lot of photos of her getting into the dress and the shoes and all of that — just like Cinderella if she had her mom, aunts and bridesmaids to help her instead of little birds πŸ˜‰ But here is Erin and Mike in their gorgeous gown/dapper suit in the BEAUTIFUL church:

the wedding party

Then the crazy/possibly buzzed limo driver took the girls and the newlyweds Mr. and MRS Williamson (!) over to a pretty, old-fashioned feeling country club for the reception. It fit beautifully with the 50s/Frank Sinatra-esque theme of the wedding. I’d like to think this photo below where the flash messed up also fits the theme, because it looks really retro!

There was a big Texas A&M ice sculpture with the grooms’ cakes for Mike, and Erin had this great Cinderella’s carriage ice sculpture at the buffet as well. I loved the elegance mixed with the fact that we Disney kids will always find a way to fit in our Disney-ness (tastefully) at every occasion, dangit! πŸ˜‰

After a bit of mingling and the first dances it was time to cut the cake! The topper was a curlicue ‘W’ and the actual cake was strawberry, yum!

Aside from general wedding celebration merriment, there were also a few mini reunions of the aforementioned Disney kids, which was a welcome bonus to the day. My roommate from the program, Jenny, was there and it was great to catch up!

Me, with "Peaches and Cream" as they somehow came to be known for part of the CP πŸ™‚

After more munching, talking and dancing, it was time to see off the happy couple, as they travelled to Houston for the night and then onto HAWAII for the honeymoon.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Williamson!!

They’ve since returned from the honeymoon, and I’m told that they had a SPLENDID time!


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A pleasant surprise this weekend, I ended up in Disneyland on Saturday to see some of my very favorite people. I believe I’ve said this before, but living in California has been a blessing versus NC — as a bigger tourist destination there is a higher likely hood people I know will be stopping through and I can stalk them until they hang out with me πŸ˜‰

Kidding aside though, it’d been about 6 months since I’d seen Ryan and Alex, and a whole three years since I’d seen Beth. THREE YEARS since the end of my Disney College Program, since all the friends I made there went back to living nowhere close to each other (except the lucky ducks in Florida). You know what’s great about these people I met at the best summer-camp-that-was-actually-a-paid-internship? It can be 6 weeks, or 6 months or 3 freaking years, and we all easily slip back into catching up and goofing off like we did back then. Ryan still insists on 27 hour days if we’re in the parks (not that anyone really complains…), and we just have fun whether it’s an all day event or a quick meal between trips.

February 2007, on our program!

Spring Break 2008 - Kellie's 21st πŸ˜‰

Break room time (Tracy, Erin, Alexis, Max, Marva, Me) - 2007

Houston, January 2008

Successfully watched all 4th of July fireworks in 1 night - 2007

Erin visiting LA, while Max lived here with me too! - 2009

TIGGER! - 2007

Laguna Beach with Tracy - 2009

My "Ohana" - 2007

Space Mountain (Beth, Me, Alex, Ryan) - Last week (2010)

I know I posted about this when I saw Matt a couple of weeks ago, but reunions make me so smiley that I had to expand upon that post with this one full of nostalgic pictures. I’ve been told next time it’s MY turn to go see people, so hopefully I can get on that soon πŸ˜‰

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Reunited and it feeeels soooo gooood.

Quick(ish) intro story: The Walt Disney Company uses more acronyms, in all aspects of their work (at least in the theme park sector) than anyone I’ve ever seen, ever. A “CP” is the affectionate (mostly) Disney-slang term for a member of the Disney College Program. Which I was way back in the spring of 2007, at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The ride is enormous, and needs a really large staff so we had a TON of CPs.

All of us had very similar schedules, because Animal Kingdom is never open super late due to the sleeping habits of our lions and elephants and zebras.Β Therefore all 40+ of us there throughout the months of January to August pretty much became best friends. Seriously. Best. Friends. According to some of the full time Cast Members (aka employees) we were basically freaks of nature for hanging out together in ginormous groups all the time. Who wants to hang out with the people you work with 24/7?! We did, apparently. A lot of us still talk on a semi-regular basis, from across the country, three whole years later. Like I said, freaks of nature.

This post’s title comes from the fact that I took 5bajillion photos on my program, and I’d call the albums silly things like “CPs at the Parks: Vol 1-12” and “CPs Blast Off! A Kennedy Space Center Adventure” based on whatever we were doing those days. Like my own brand of ridiculously cheesy children’s books. So that’s that.

ANYWHO. That whole thing was all to say that my CP friend Matt and some of his friends came to LA this past week and last Sunday I met up with them for dinner at Downtown Disney. I hadn’t seen Matt since I left the internship almost 3 years ago so it was great to catch up!

We talked about his recent graduation…

The grad... Disney-style of course

And LA, and what I’ve been up to, and how Matt will be back at Disney World on a Professional Internship (!!!) in his first step at being full time with the company and doing lots of awesome things …and then transferring to headquarters out here in LA so I have more Disney friends to play with on a regular basis.

Matt & I at dinner. I ❀ Disney Reunions!

We had dinner with his cousin and friends at La Brea Bakery (great mini sliders. delicious.), and explored Downtown Disney until they went to see Shrek 4, and I headed home to bawl my eyes out during the LOST finale. Good times.

Can’t wait for more reunions to head my way πŸ™‚

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