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That’s right — Glee is officially hooked on Bieber. The Biebs. They are full.on.Beliebers. It’s like they’re TRYING to keep me at 12-year-old-girl-status (not that it was really that hard, honestly.)

Favorite Moments of “Comeback”:

* Best Song of the Night: Well, as someone who has recently gotten a bad case of Bieber Fever, I think I have to go with Sam’s endearing version of Baby. BUT as a musical lover, a close second was “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT. Fun fact: Idina Menzel sang the same part in this song (movie and Broadway) that Rachel sang.

* While Sue’s storyline was a bit forced, the Sue-icide by gummy vitamins was a bit funny. And it got her “behind enemy lines” so that she had a better chance of accomplishing her true goal in life: destroying Glee club. Too bad her attempt at pitting Mercedes and Rachel against each other actually just turned into Awesome Diva-Off Part 2 (Part 1 being Rachel v Kurt, naturally).

* It was nice to see Sue interacting with the sick kids in the hospital, but didn’t we already establish that she’s a softie when it comes to this kind of situation? I don’t want the big baddie of Glee to be TOO humanized — she’s much more entertaining when she’s a certifiable crazy-person. According to a story on the late night news after Glee, those scenes were filmed at one of the local LA children’s hospitals with real patients though, which was a really cool thing for the show to do. They definitely seemed genuinely excited.

* Sue calling Mr. Shue “Spongehair Squarechin” – That’s the Sue we know and love!

* How could Mike Chang’s abs stop working on Tina?! I call bull on that one. They are magic abs, post Valentine’s day slump or no.

* Sam was SO adorable this week, and completely heartbreaking at the same time. I love that every.single.girl (except for Sue) this episode was completely entranced by The Justin Bieber Experience. Seeing Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Lauren all freak out over it was too funny. And his not-so-secret-nerdiness is great too. “Santana keeps telling me not to do that” — Sam “What?” — Quinn “Speak in Na’vi”. Oh, Sam. At least he was finally honest about the fact that Quinn and Finn’s gum ball lifesaving story was completely ridiculous, and rightfully broke up with Quinn. Even though I like them together. Oh, high school.

* I thought Puck + Lauren was maybe going to be annoying, but it’s proved to be pretty consistently hilarious, and even a little bit sweet on Puck’s end. Lauren just keeps coming up with new hoops for Puck to jump through, and I like that he’s accepting a challenge instead of being whiny or cheat-ey and annoying. I’m equally glad that hair during his brief sting the the JBE was just attached to his hoodie or something, because apparently only Sam and  Justin Bieber himself can rock the lesbian hair.

* This whole “comeback” thing was mostly about Rachel though, I think? Though as Brittany said, I’m not totally sure what she needed to come back from, except from getting over Finn? It must be so frustrating to send popular, pretty, totally clueless Brittany off to copy your style, only to have it TOTALLY backfire on you when Brittany becomes the biggest trendsetting teen in the US (according to Teen Vogue, naturally). After all, her sweaters had carousel horses on them, not reindeer. Clearly, that makes all the difference.

* To the sweater situation: “My carousel-horse sweater should make me look like an institutionalized toddler, but no, I look hotand smart. I feel like Michelle Obama!” — Santana

* At least in a desperate attempt for a comeback, it seems that we’ll be getting ORIGINAL SONGS from the Glee club! Granted, Rachel is writing them, so they will probably be Broadway ballads about stars and reindeer sweaters? But I’m very, very excited for this new development in their regionals performance schedule. If only Finn would man up a little and support her slightly-crazy-but-mostly-awesome ideas IN class, instead of waiting to talk to her afterward. Stop trying to get with other girls Finn! Just be a good guy! We have Puck for all the bad boy-ness this Glee club could ever need.

* Best Brittany Quip: “When people look at you, they don’t see what you’re wearing: They see a cat getting its temperature taken, and then they hear it screaming.”

It looks like Sue is now jumping ship to be an evil Glee coach for Aural Intensity. (I feel like there are already one-too-many rival Glee coaches, but ah well). Not sure how this works, when she teaches at McKinley, but I’m sure it’ll keep things interesting around the Glee room for at least a few episodes.

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The second Glee of the week (following the supersized Superbowl episode) was all about the mushy gushy holiday coming up next week: Valentine’s Day. And in true Glee fashion we saw all kinds of expressions of love — including a class assignment (!) and an attack on their local GAP store (which living in LA, looked a LOT like The Grove).

Favorite Moments of “Silly Love Songs”

* Favorite Song of the Night: Firework for overall vocal performance/key-ness to plot. Though I also really love any chance to hear the Warblers do their thing, and Puck is also great, so this was a knockout episode overall song-wise.

* Kurt & Blaine were totally adorable in this episode — they know each other’s coffee orders and everything! I also thought it was really endearing that Blaine may be the popular guy but he is apparently completely clueless when it comes to relationships. I thought he was just not into Kurt that much (yet??) and just saw him as an awesome little ment-ee, but really he just had NO. IDEA. that Kurt liked him. Which is saying a lot because Kurt is SUPER obvious about his emotions. When we found out Blaine’s real crush was a Jr. Manager at the Gap, we got this little gem:

“If he and I got married, the Gap would give me a 50% discount.”

The Gap attack by the Warblers was a great idea on Kurt’s part — and they did an excellent job even though they freaked out Blaine’s crush. Also, serious question LA-ers: I’m 98% sure that the Gap was the one at The Grove – can anyone confirm or refute this fact? Please? (For those who may not know, the Grove is a very adorable outdoor mall and farmer’s market in Los Angeles. Kind of Disney-esque in it’s dedication to theming, which may be why it’s a favorite of mine.)

* I always love a good class assignment, but this one was a little unfortunate since MOST of the Glee club is paired off right now. As if Mercedes and Rachel weren’t feeling bad enough, everyone was singing their love song to their boyfriend/girlfriend AND there weren’t even enough boy/girl pairings to go around! Rude, Mr. Shue.

* Thanks to the class assignment though, we got a lot of Rachel in obsessing-over-Finn mode, which has been pretty entertaining lately. The sleepover scene with Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt was so adorable — I really like that they’re emphasizing the diva kid’s close friendship in these new episodes.

* I know Finn is a high school boy, and honestly kind of on the dim-side when it comes to high school boys, but WHAT is he doing with Quinn and Rachel? Ugh. Seriously, Finn, way to break everyones heart by giving Rachel her late Christmas present, but be a complete jerk in the process by having a kissing booth “for the good of the Glee club” (um…right) at the same time where he kisses everyone BUT Rachel, basically. The cheek doesn’t count, Finn! And I felt really bad for her in the nurse’s office, when he essentially said that kissing her doesn’t have the fireworks that kissing Quinn does.

* On the same note, as Lauren so deftly pointed out, Santana is certainly a b*tch, but she’s a crafty one! Getting mono while being a “high school candy striper” so that she could give it to Finn, knowing that he was fooling around with Quinn and the whole mono situation would blow their cover, while seriously mean, was also pretty genius. “I’ve had mono so much, it turned into stereo” hahaha. Finn was seriously gross this episode. Way too cocky, and perpetuating such a double standard — as Quinn pointed out, he was angry and heartbroken and hadn’t forgiven Quinn OR Rachel when they cheated on him, but now that it was for his benefit he was encouraging it? Ew.

* Lauren is quickly becoming a favorite Gleek for me. 1. She is the new object of Puck’s affection, but is being totally awesome about the whole situation, being “a bigger badass than I am” (Puck’s words) and making him really work for it and not get all gimmicky about the whole thing. 2. She shoved Santana into a bunch of lockers repeatedly in pretty much the most hilarious fight scene ever. Santana attempting to convince Lauren that “Lima Heights adjacent girls know how to fight” as she had to be carried to the nurse was too funny. Only downside of Lauren so far? She stood up Puck on a date to Breadstix! No one on this show passes up Breadstix!!

* “Santana said Mr. Shue should be in a 12-step program” — Tina, “What?!” — Mr. Shue, “You’re addicted to vests” — Santana

* Did anyone else notice that when the Warblers sang about never finding love, Blaine pointed at Santana? Hilarious.

* Santana, again (she was really hitting those one-liners!) “Whatever, I’ll just marry an NFL player. They’re super reliable.”

* Best Brittany Quote: “That’s my man — his legs don’t worrrrk.”

So, that was Valentine’s Day, Glee-style. Next week — Glee is still new!

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Post-Superbowl Gleecap!

First episode back of 2011, and it’s the first of TWO episodes this week! Could it get any better?

Favorite Moments of the Supersized Post-Superbowl episode “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” :

* Favorite Song of the Night: Thriller/Heads will Roll, partially because the makeup and choreography was SO great — the zombie look was actually kinda creepy. Bills Bills Bills was a close second, if only for the intense middle school nostalgia it invoked.

* Puck’s Top Gun quote — Maverick & Ice Man for the win.

* Best Brittany Quote (mostly because I-can’t-help-it-I-still-like-One-Tree-Hill): I dont want to die yet — at least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled (which, for the record, will probably be never.)

* “You want us to play the first half, change in to some Sea-Queen ballgowns and perform the halftime show for our own championship game?!” (misc football player forced into Glee club for the week) (I don’t know how to adequately emphasize the gross mispronunciation of the word sequin in that quote…)

* I feel like everyone changed teams about 8 times this episode and it was ENTIRELY too confusing. To recap:

We have Glee Kids (some are cheerleaders, some play football) and Football Team

Coach Bieste & Shue make the football team join Glee so it’s Glee + cheerleaders + entire football team

Then cheerleaders quit (thanks Sue) so it’s Glee + football – cheerleaders

Then it’s Glee + Glee football kids – rest of football – cheerleaders

THEN it’s Glee + Glee football kids – cheerleaders AND it’s Football – everyone but Glee + Glee girls

THEN it’s Football back to normal, and Glee back to normal when the cheerleaders finally (once and for all?) quit cheerleading.


* Speaking of all the switcheroos though, I really liked the way they handled Karofsky this episode — he really did a great job this week and made me not QUITE hate his as much as usual. Maybe by the end of the season we’ll see him start to mend his ways just a little bit more?

* Sue trying to shoot someone out of a canon was completely nuts (and slightly reminiscent of the Fonz jumping over some sharks on water skis…) but I love that she knew giving Brittany a hand drawn (with crayon!) letter from the canon and a sob story about the canon’s twin baby canons would convince her to sign her life away. A Suclear Weapon for sure…

* I loved when the girls filled in for the first half of football and while Rachel, Tina and Mercedes dove to the ground, Lauren body-checked a guy straight to the ground. Hilarious!

* The Katie Couric bit, while funny (and already getting a response from Dina Lohan, for yet another Lohan-dig from the Glee crew) was a bit forced in? I guess I just thought they’d moved up regionals, not nationals for the Cheerios competition…? Maybe I just missed something though, since this episodes was JAM PACKED.

* “You’re not going to kiss me again, are you?” – Coach Bieste to Shue (ha!)

* “Blaine and I love football. Well…Blaine loves football. I love scarves” — Kurt to his little circle of besties Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes, who were all hanging out together at a new Glee-hangout, a coffee shop! Somewhere not school, not home and not Breadstix! Way to diversify your locations, Glee.

All in all, a little outrageous (but when isn’t Glee like that in some way, honestly) and a pretty solid episode. The recap for tonights Valentines episode will come tomorrow! Yay!

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