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Yesterday was not only the Last Day Of Class (or, LDOC) for all my friends back at UNC, it was also my sorority’s Founder’s Day! I actually hadn’t remembered, like at all, until a cute little e-card from the lovely ladies at PiBetaPhi.org arrived in my inbox reminding me as such.

Every year, some of our girls went to a Founder’s Day tea in the spring with the other NC chapters of Pi Phi in the area (Duke, and NC State), and while the actual yes-you-have-to-go-to-this-part was a little groan-inducing, they were always really fun when we got there. Free for all brunches and silly songs are a not-so-bad morning in my book.

Unlike the craziness of sorority life in the fall with rush and a million other things going on, by this time of year formal was over and it was all about Fried Fridays at lunch (sadly, I’ve heard these are now a thing of the past), reading/laying out on the porches (I tried not to get too burnt), and the occasional CS — an awesome Pi Phi tradition that revolves around…eating cookies. YUM!

It’s times like these that I miss springtime in Chapel Hill, and especially, springtime at Pi Phi.

These girls can get you through ANYTHING

Snacks the sorority way

Pi Phi Seniors Spring 2009

I just love the ridiculousness of this

Family 🙂

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