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Ok, so I may be a bit behind the bandwagon here.

Especially because this short film did win an Oscar this year, and all (which is actually how I first heard of it).

Seriously, after watching this completely endearing acceptance speech, and then hearing a few rumblings from Twitter etc, I finally decided that I had to see God of Love for myself.

I’ll make a confession here: I’m not much of a live-action short film kind of person usually. I tend to be a lot more “popcorn” in my film choices (re: blockbusters and chick flicks) with some popular dramas thrown in for good measure (I LOVED The King’s Speech this year). While I’m a fairly big Francophile, that often does not extend to their films (I have seen Breathless way more times than anyone should thanks to film classes AND french classes in college). And while some short-subjects pique my interest, overall their oft-necessary abstractness (thanks, time constraints!) tend to turn me off.

Luke Matheny - director, actor & writer of God of Love

But. BUT.

God of Love really is a must-see. It’s pretty quirky, but it’s a really cute love story. I laughed out loud multiple times. I spent a lot of time wondering about his ridiculous hair. I marveled at the dart skills. I giggled at myth references. And I kicked myself in the pants for being maybe-just-a-little-bit too “meh” about the idea of short films, and therefore taking entirely too long to see this.

Especially when you can get it for only $1.99 on iTunes!

(I honest to goodness don’t know a single person involved with God of Love — I just saw it this weekend and developed an incredibly strong desire to get other people to watch it so I could gush about how cute it is.)

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It’s my absolute favorite time of the year again – Oscar day! It used to actually fall right around my birthday when I was younger (I think the Oscars may have even been ON my birthday one year) and so I kind of like to think of the Oscars as a 3+ hour birthday present from Hollywood. I’m pretty sure that’s not too conceited…

My point is — I don’t care how “fussy” and “stuffy” and “boring” the Oscars are. I think they are a glamourous and entertaining tradition and I love them to bits. From opening monologue to In Memoriam, from costume and set awards to Best Picture, the Academy Awards are the best night on TV for me.

Even when it runs 30+ minutes over (maybe even because of it.)

I’m not sure how this whole James Franco/Anne Hathaway host thing is going to go, but I’ve heard that Anne is an amazing singer, so I’m hoping it’s a mix of Billy Crystal hysterics and Hugh Jackman’s opening number.

In terms of the awards themselves, I’m going to go out on a limb and announce who I think will (or should) win some of the big ones ahead of time, just for fun. I’m mostly just excited that I’ve seen most of the contenders for the first time in a while. Feel free to compare/argue your choices in the comments. I’m incredibly disappointed that I have to DVR the Oscars tonight and watch them tomorrow, but this is going to be my own personal little reference guide for when I do get to watch.

Here we go:

Best Actor: I think it will (rightfully) go to Colin Firth for the King’s Speech. I LOVE that movie, so I’m really excited about this one.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman. Though I’ve heard really good things about Annette Bening, so maybe there’ll be an upsest?

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale. I normally really like him, and I think he brought the crazy-in-a-good-way to The Fighter. I ALSO really love Geoffrey Rush in King’s Speech though, so I’d be ok if he won instead.

Best Supporting Actress: I think it will be Melissa Leo for The Fighter, but I want it to be Helena Bonham Carter for King’s Speech. I also love Amy Adams though. This is a tough one!

Best Original Screenplay: I’m split, but I think it will be between King’s Speech and Inception.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Will/should: Social Network Want: Toy Story 3 (I really enjoyed Social Network, but I also LOVE the blend of elements in Toy Story 3, and thought it was incredibly well done)

Best Director: David Fincher for Social Network will win? But I wouldn’t mind Tom Hooper winning for King’s Speech.

Best Picture: I THINK it will be King’s Speech – it’s a should/want for me. Potential upset could be Social Network though, since it’s been winning a lot of other stuff.

and some of the more “obscure ones” just because I like them.

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3, since I don’t think it will take Best Picture. A close 2nd for me, and potential upset, could be How to Train Your Dragon.

Best Original Song: “I See the Light” from Tangled. Give ’em one, please! I also like the Country Strong song though. And I really have no idea which song has the most “buzz” right now

Best Original Score: I have no idea on the will/should front, and they are all VERY strong scores this year in my opinion. I want it to be How to Train Your Dragon though, if for no other reason than it gets stuck in my head the most.

Best Art Direction: (I love the way they typically present this award — showing concept art that fades into that scene in the film so you can see the process) This is Alice in Wonderland’s chance. I could see King’s Speech or Harry Potter getting it too, though.

Best Costume Design: (I love this one for the same reason as Art Direction) King’s Speech? (Oscar loves their period pieces) Could also be True Grit or Alice though.

I didn’t see any of the foreign films, shorts (live or animated) or documentaries so I can’t really speak to those…and I normally just COMPLETELY guess the VFX and sound awards because I can never figure out how they pick that one — if I ever get it right it’s because I’m a lucky duck.

So there you go! Happy Oscar Viewing everyone! It’s early Sunday morning here, but we only have a couple of more hours to go before red carpet pre-shows start!

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So here’s what I did on Sunday:

I tried to go watch people arriving at the Kodak Theater for the Oscars. No I did not have bleacher seats, nor any solid plan once I parked and walked from work. No – I picked up Abby and Colleen from the airport, we dropped their bags off at my place and off we went.

Could I BE any more of a starry eyed tourist? No. It was ok though because 1. the girls have never been to LA before so celeb viewing is a necessary TO DO and 2. I haven’t lived in LA during Oscar season yet, so I can claim “newbie.” This year anyway. It was a much farther walk up to Hollywood Blvd than it looks in my car every morning. LA has seriously made me unaccustomed to walking around a place. Also, I probably shouldn’t have worn wedges. Oops.

We had high hopes for the adventure because I’d done a little research the night before, found out which driving streets were blocked off (they made no mention of sidewalks!) and called the Disney Soda Fountain next to the El Capitan Theater (directly across Hollywood Blvd from the Kodak) to see if they would be open on Oscar Sunday (googling all variations of “Can I watch people arrive at the Oscars without having bleacher seats or being carted off by cops” didn’t give me any solid answers surprisingly.) They said yes, so we assumed the sidewalks were open.

That was FALSE. We got about 2 blocks away and watched lots of shiny black limos drive line up ahead of us when we came to the yellow police tape of doom stopping us in our tracks. Well, police tape and about 40bajillion security guards. But there were LOTS of limos, so that was something kinda different I guess. And we walked by the Jim Henson Company on our (very roundabout) way back to the car, which was pretty neat — it looks like they plunked a random english cottage with a giant top-hat-and-suited-frog right in the middle of LA.

Abby and Colleen had better luck yesterday — while I was working they went to see Jeopardy film. And it was KIDS jeopardy. Cute, smart little kids. And today they’re possibly at the Grove, followed by the Price is Right.

If they get to play and win a couple of cars and swanky vacations I’m going to be SO jealous.

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