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Ok, so this show aired on Disney Channel, not ABC’s TGIF block like I normally post about.

BUT. I read this article on Jezebel that featured a 4-minute nostalgia-fest video of many many great TV shows and movies of the 90s (though Heavyweights is missing! Sad.) And I suddenly wondered if there would be anything on the internets about one of the lesser-remembered but super awesome show that was Brotherly Love, starring not 1, not 2, but ALL 3 Lawrence brothers.

Luckily youtube did not disappoint:

Andy was so little and cute! And strangely after not seeing this intro for literally 10+ years, I still started singing along. I have a problem.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be seeing Bridesmaids this weekend (Kristen Wiig! And the fabulous Paul Feig directs — he who created Freaks & Geeks, and starred as the skinny fat-camp counselor in Heavyweights!)

TGIF everyone!

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In lieu of a TGIF post yesterday (or any post yesterday…oops!) and since it is Easter tomorrow, I thought I would share these nostalgic videos I found of the Walt Disney World Easter Parade (back when it was a full blown parade that was broadcast on TV, and not a 10 minute pre-parade like they’ve done the past couple of years).

The quality is a little…dated, and the sound is kind of off in the first one, but Happy Easter!!

I attempted baking and went on a Disney-related adventure earlier today, so look for those sometime this coming week, as well as some potential blog maintenance updates/enhancements (maybe…) !

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I have always loved the idea of a drive-in theater. I can probably blame Grease for that, but they always seemed so incredibly cool.

Like a mix of large-theater bonding and privacy-of-own-home luck of NOT being able to hear that guy 3 cars down talking way too loudly during the film.

They felt so retro American (thanks, Grease and love of all-things-50s!) and I’d unfortunately never been able to go to one before — they weren’t exactly a staple in NC and even though LA is the Movie Capital of the World, most of theirs have been put out of commission — so I have pretty much romanticized them to death.


THEY probably went to lots of drive-ins

BUT. For my birthday this year? I GOT TO GO TO A DRIVE-IN MOVIE. *Cue happy dancing hot dog commercials I was so sure I would see*


Hipstamatic makes this appropriately old-school

Actually, I got to go to two, since the theater Jeremy found (like an hour-ish away…) played double features.


Which two to choose...

We decided on Hop/Rango, since I was really interested in Hop (Russell Brand, James Marsden & Kayley Cuoco!) and Jeremy wanted to see Rango. Win, win!


We got there a little early, since traffic can be hard to judge out here, and the movies didn’t start until dusk, but that just meant I had PLENTY of time to photograph our surroundings. (Most photos taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone, mostly b/c I found the camera settings appropriately retro).

One of the big screens:


Our sweet movie-viewing set-up:


I kept trying to get the screen in the background, but failing:


FINALLY almost time for the movies to start!


The way you listen to the films being projected is that you tune to a specific radio station (since they’re outdoors, and there were 4 separate screens, it would be a little difficult to have sound systems for each screen without major overlap). It was a little scratchy at times, but overall worked really well! It was really weird to run to the restroom though, and see things playing & not hearing anything but empty outdoor space and the occasional train.

And the movies them selves were decent choices. Hop was really funny/adorable for most of the movie, though the plot (well, PLOTS) was (were) a little jumbled at times. Russell Brand apparently makes an adorable bunny, in case any one was wondering. Rango, while a little more cohesive on the plot front…was a little confusing. It looked great visually, but for those thinking that Rango is a kiddy movie just because it’s animated (thank you, misleading previews) should look a little more into it before taking any youngsters. It’s actually much more of a classic western movie, with a fair amount of the classic film Chinatown thrown in, that just happens to be populated with lizards and other animals…and a (SPOILER?) Clint Eastwood look-alike.

While it’s a bit too far of a drive to make this a semi-frequent trip, I’ll definitely be checking back periodically to see if any other double features are playing that I’m DYING to see. It’s definitely an experience I would recommend if you can find a drive-in near you!


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