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Actually, according to the ever-useful internet, Earthquake and Tsunami Prevention month is April, and that earthquake on Easter was also in April. But it should be. I’m going to declare it so, right now. Because what in the world is going on lately?!

In all seriousness, the Gulf Coast oil spill is really, truly stressing me out. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes (with names no one can pronounce) which, while huge and horrible I can still somewhat wrap my head around. But it is astonishing to me that it could take months to effectively turn off the offshore drilling rig that is currently pumping 5,000 barrels of oil each day into the ocean. This is thanks to a blowout preventer that did not, in fact, prevent anything when the leak started. Because the drill site is still pumping oil into the ocean, it makes it that much harder to contain and begin cleaning up the oil, and it is slowly working it’s way both down the coast and towards the shore. Check out the handy Reuter’s Factbox for a chronology (so far).

Not only is this a huge economic disaster (both in cleanup costs and the fact that we have no clue yet how badly this will affect fishing off the coast) but the amount of ecosystem loss and animals that are affected by this is so so incredibly sad. My sister is a big eco-friendly, animal-loving nut (I mean that in the nicest way) and I’m not exactly unaware of how to be environmentally friendly. Jen even tries to save the baby crows that fall into our driveway — and baby crows, while cute, are part of a somewhat annoying division of bird.

The whole ordeal brings to mind my second favorite Saved By The Bell episode ever (right behind Jessie being addicted to caffeine pills): “Pipe Dreams”, where the school thinks putting an oil rig on campus will be a GREAT IDEA until a leak happens that kills a bunch of animals in the pond by the football field, including Zach’s pet Becky the Duck. Then the students take over the oil company’s presentation by putting oil rig models on every extra space on his diorama and squirting him with oil “accidentally”.

No one should ever say TV doesn’t occasionally teach you important lessons.

Then, when I was preoccupied stressing over ocean animals, and  the fact that a crazy lady started stabbing people at the Target down the street from my office yesterday, Nashville started drowning in a massive flood. I have two really good college friends who live there (and are ok, thank goodness) but it’s very bad there right now. The Grand Ole Opry is under water for pete’s sake!

So basically, I’m sending a lot of good thoughts in a lot of different directions this week. It can’t hurt.

This post was a little bit on the soap-boxy/sad side, now that I’ve read through it, so I think tomorrow I’m going to write about why I hate ducks because they attacked me as a child, to get things back on track. So get excited for that 🙂

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