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Recap: Du(v)ets

I think this week had my favorite overall group of songs out of any episode in a long time. Almost every single one made me smile or laugh out loud. I don’t know how I’m going to pick a favorite!

Favorite Moments of “Duets”:

* PUUUUUUUUUUUCK! How long is he going to be in juvy for?! This is not acceptable. I did not know that to add Sam (“Sam. I am. I do not like green eggs and ham” !!) they would subtract Puck. This is not a deal I am in favor of or that I agreed to, Glee!

* Favorite Song of the Night: I’m going to call a tie between “Sing” (Tina/Mike) and Rachel/Kurt’s homage to Barbara Streisand/Judy Garland, because those two made me smile the most. Sing was perfect for dancer Mike, and too many kinds of adorable. And Rachel and Kurt really belted out that final number and everyone just looked so, well…happy. Really though, all the songs were pretty spectacular, even the hilariously bad song Rachel and Finn did to throw the competition.

* Character development. Character, character, character! There were SO many good moments tonight:

Rachel, showing that sometimes she is only a little bit selfish (throwing the competition to keep Sam around, which will of course still benefit her because it helps win nationals) and occasionally she can be not-selfish at all. Her moment with Kurt at his locker about how he “may be lonely, and I get that, but you’re not alone” along with the duet she sang with him…*melt* SO sweet, and such a great friendship moment for the show.

Brittany! First – they actually showed more of her apparently incredibly complex relationship with Santana. I’m honestly really confused by what’s going on with them, since Brittany is a little slow and doesn’t really speak in anything but cutely stupid one-liners and Santana only speaks in bitch. THEN, to get back at Santana for abandoning her to sing with Mercedes she pairs with Artie and “do it, before they duet” (ha). You could tell how very bad she felt when Artie backed out of their partnership and it made me so sad! Because honestly, yes, she didn’t really think about his feelings on his virginity before she slept with him, but his reaction is (while in character) way off base. He could’ve said no, and he probably shouldn’t have listened to Santana anyway. Tina was right back in episode 1 of this season – Artie is kind of a jerk.

Kurt. I really like how they dealt with his feelings of loneliness and with the whole Sam thing tonight. While Finn is still not exactly in the right — he shouldn’t be pushing everyone to avoid anything that could be slightly taken “wrong” because that’s just the way their world is; he is right that Kurt is being part of the problem, because he pushes himself on other people too much without considering their feelings. I felt bad when his dad called him out too, but they have a fair point. And both of Kurt’s songs were excellent and played really well into his plot.

* Sam is adorable and surprisingly uber nerdy. Nav’i language, REALLY? Hilarious. Also hilarious that Kurt totally called him out on dying his hair, and was right.

* Rachel and Finn attempting to plot was beyond hilarious. They are really amusingly clueless, but were also effective. So there’s that.

* Everyone’s obsession over Breadstix. “Cuz weez be goin’…to Breadstix.” – Santana. Also hilarious when Santana described carting a wheelbarrow into the restaurant and getting the manager fired because he initially refused to fill it. They said BOTTOMLESS breadsticks!

* Best Brittany moment: the visual gag of her practicing rolling the meatball across her plate like Lady and the Tramp. Alone (sad) but SO funny!

Next week, there’s no Glee, which is unfortunate, but the following week is their big much-talked-about Rocky Horror episode. *Disclaimer: I’m only vaguely knowledgable of Rocky Horror, having only heard snippets of songs and seen a couple of photos…luckily I have two weeks to brush up so I can figure out what’s faithful recreation, what is lame, and what is funny*

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Ok, first off I need to say two words: Asian. Camp.

Secondly — Glee has officially premiered it’s second season! Yay! And while I’m sorta sad about the demise of Tina/Artie (but only sorta, because did you SEE Tina/Mike Chang?!) and the whole episode was overall a little on the meh side plot-wise, there were a lot of glimmers of good things to come for season two of our favorite Gleeks.

Favorite Moments of “Audition”:

* I love that Jacob Ben Israel called Mr. Shue out about the real-life common gripe that he should REALLY please-for-the-love-of-all-of-us stop rapping. Hilarious.

*Best song of the night: toughie. I think I’m going to go with Empire State of Mind, because I loved the dancing, as well as the song. Britney/Quinn/Santana dancing on the railing was part funny part awesome. Though, again with all the rapping. It’s a bit much. Mercedes killed it though, and I loved seeing everyone back in a big way, even if no one else in the courtyard seemed to think so. Our poor, still-super-lame Gleeks.

* Close-second best song of the night: Telephone. Again, I’m not a huge crazy GaGa crazy fan, but I really liked their version. Also, I wasn’t super caught up on who the new faces this season we’re going to be, and holy cow! the voice on little miss Sunshine. I was not expecting that, and I love seeing Rachel flip shit over a new powerhouse.

* In terms of Rachel losing it — sending Sunshine to a crack house?! (In LIMA?! Really?) was ridiculous and super-bitchy and great. I love that no matter how much Rachel may want to change her ways, or thinks that she is (What I Did For Love, anybody?) she just cannot help being a self-centered slightly crazy person. I also really like that Finn will call her on that crap, without also freaking out and breaking up with her. Real character development! Whoa!

* I think I’m going to love ALL of the new characters introduced. Though I’m a little sad no-lines-Shaft had to move away for them to show up.

The Beiste (it’s French! ha!)  is a really great foil for Sue — I thought she was going to be a rival does of pure evil, but she seems to have a more visible soft side to her (unless this is an act?) which I like. Though letting the football team have a pizza party right before you make them go run til they puke isn’t really that nice, but whatever.

Sam (Real name Chord Overstreet, no really.)– It totally makes sense that (for now) he’s avoiding the Glee club since he’s such a new kid and they ARE still losers (despite real-life fame). I feel bad for Finn that Sam has taken his place as Quarterback, now that Beiste threw him off the team somewhat unfairly. But I’m also pretty sure that “I haven’t had any balls in my mouth. Have you?” joke sets him up to be Kurt’s new boyfriend. At least I hope so.

Sunshine (Just Charice, like Cher and Madonna) — Like I said earlier, totally didn’t see her coming, and really love her. I like that she isn’t a total bitch either, and really thought she could be friends with Rachel before Rachel sent her to the crack house. I hope she finds her way back to New Directions soon. Not that I don’t love Vocal Adrenaline, but unless Jesse St. James is back, the rest of them are pretty non-existent humans in the character development arena, and kinda boring. That said, the brief scene with the new Vocal Adrenaline coach was hilarious.

* Side note — are we not calling Mike Chang  “Other Asian” anymore? Sad face.

* Why was the slushie Kurt got hit with that god-awful tomato soup looking fake red thing? If it’s going to be that bright looking can they go back to purple or blue or something? The red was a little extra gross.

* Another question: Why was Finn so bad at Cheerios auditions? He dances some in Glee, correct? And aren’t cheerleaders just dancers gone retarded (name that movie!)? It would’ve been weird seeing him as a Cheerio in a sad attempt to be cool, but he probably should’ve been better than that, and would’ve been a good base for stunts, like he said.

* Quinn regaining her rightful throne as Head Cheerleader. Thanks to her new ability to pander to the religious abstinence crowd for Cheerios funds and Santana’s new fake boobs. This also leads to an epic bitch fight in the hallways between Quinn and Santana, where Quinn is SERIOUSLY fierce again. Greatness.

* “We’re into the same things…like his abs” — Tina, to Artie, as one reason why she broke up with him for Mike Chang.

*”These seats are currently being occupied by my ghost friends” — Sue, of course.

* Best Brittany-isms: “People thought I went on vacation but actually, I spent the summer lost in the sewers.” Also, her clutching the mini-Brittany doll as she ran out of the Principal’s office.

So that’s that for the first episode of the fall, everyone! I’m a little wary on all these upcoming gimmick episodes, but the preview for next weeks Britney Spears ep, and the sheer amount of Brittany has me too excited to care. Bring on the Britney/Brittany!!

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