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Let the yearlong (or more, you sneaky Year of A Million Dreams celebration that was actually for most of 2006-2008 at LEAST) nostalgia fest begin!

Today, on the Disney Parks blog, a live-stream media event from NYC announced that in 2011 Disney Parks will be launching a “Let the Memories Begin” campaign, all about celebrating family memories at Disney (both Land, and World). You can submit your personal videos, photos or written stories at DisneyParks.com/Memories or on their Facebook and Youtube Pages. Your stories will then possibly be apart of future Disney Parks advertisements.

There is also going to be an in-park component of the celebration, where photos taken by Disney PhotoPass Photographers could be part of a special show at the end of each night, with up to 500 photos taken that day being projected on the Castle (Disney World) or It’s A Small World (Disneyland)!

It wasn’t a huge announcement, and there aren’t a lot of details yet (being just announced today and all) of how exactly this will work. Plus there’s always the chance that they’ll be rolling out more fun interactive features as the year progresses. However, I personally think this is a really fun way to “share the Disney Magic” and possibly see yourself around the parks! It is making me nostalgic and maybe a little weepy just thinking about the sentimental campaign.

Being so steeped in Disney since basically-birth (my first trip to the parks occurred at age 1.5 years, and I’ve gone to one of the two resorts at least once a year almost every year since, not to mention my 7 months living and breathing Disney as a Walt Disney World College Program kid) I think I’m going to be having some serious fun with this one. I’ve already submitted my first memory to their interactive youtube page:

Puppy Love -- Empress Lily Character Breakfast

Puppy Love -- Empress Lily Character Breakfast

Submit your own memories there, and let me know if you spot my memory (or memories…) there as well!

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