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I swear, this is the LAST post about Cullen Family Summer Vacation 2010. I’m amazed and thankful that everyone still here has put up with my sporadic postings and Hawaii-dominant posts these past couple months — I swear that now that this is done, I’ll be getting back to a more normal and more frequent schedule, filled with more LA adventures, and my typical over-dose of Disney. To sign off with this grand summer escape, here are a few last favorite photos from the week:


Bottom, far right - our room




Anyone who missed it, or wants to go back and check out the whole experience again can do so right HERE.

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Here are all the photos from my underwater camera and our snorkeling excursion. I don’t know what was wrong with the camera, but a lot of them exposed really bizarrely, and these pictures look like I time traveled back to the 70s to go snorkeling. Hence why they get their very own post (Here’s Part I, with more details of the actual trip and some modern looking pictures)


I love goofy underwater pictures:


I also love swimming pictures (this is me!)

Seriously, this picture looks like it should be dated 1975I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! One more post, and we’re finally done with my ginormous Hawaiian Family Vacation!

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So what started out as a quick post about our half-day excursion looking for sea turtles (which, spoiler alert, we found! among other things) is actually going to be TWO posts now. The photos from my underwater camera just turned out too unique, and look really jarring against the normally vibrant pictures that are going to be posted here. So the next post is mostly just pictures, just so you know.

We took a later morning cruise, that had lunch included and would have 2 full hours of swim time. It was a really great choice, even though I was a little nervous about all the swimming, since I am NOT an ocean swimmer. I survived, luckily, though I was basically unable to move my arms the next day.


Our snorkeling location

We actually went to two locations, because there was supposedly a somewhat-secret-but-apparently-awesome location for spotting them, outside of the typical place we were starting out at (where we also saw octopi and other fishies). It was a fairly medium sized group (how’s that for a mediocre description!) with about 50 or so people, if I had to remember and estimate. Even with other groups in the same area as us though, there was plenty of room for swimming around and spotting a lot of wildlife.


I like posting goofy pictures of Bug. She's a great sport about it. hehe


Getting ready to jump in


amazingly blue water


2+ hours later, and I was full from lunch and burnt, burnt, burnt. Of course, we only saw one turtle when we were out on the second leg of our trip. It was very exciting, and we got some good pictures with my underwater camera, but the second we were dropped back off at the shore, we not only saw one turtle about 15-20 feet from the edge, we saw THREE. Sigh.


See Part II: The Underwater Camera Photos aka Why Did I Time Travel to the 70s to Go Snorkeling? HERE

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