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So, this will be pretty short, because it’s Friday afternoon, and mostly I just wanted an excuse to share this video:

I can’t decide if my favorite character right now is the super cute Rapunzel or her hilarious mute sidekick Pascal. The ventriloquy bit, for some reason, cracks me the heck up every time I watch it. The facial expressions, OH the facial expressions.

My only quip with my potentially new-favorite-movie-ever, is that I’m really confused by their marketing roll-out. I think the above video is absolutely adorable, and I have every intention of seeing the movie now, regardless. But from all accounts of people that have seen rough cuts of the movie (I really like this I09 article about a Tangled sneak peak) Tangled is much MUCH more of a Beauty and the Beast or a Little Mermaid, than it is a Shrek. The marketing though, is all witty-typewriter-effects (…that’s a thing, right?) and sharp quips and funny faces. I’m not saying I don’t like that stuff, but I also might be literally dying to hear the new Alan Menken music written for the film too…

I’ve heard a lot about how all the funny ads, and the new title (Tangled, vs Rapunzel) was an attempt to draw in the boy market. But isn’t there a more effective way to show that, yes there are chases and captial-A-action! but also music and wonderful storylines that aren’t all about the latest pop-culture-references? Can you sustain the boy market past opening weekend if they’re being tricked into watching in the first place?

More just things to think about than anything else. This is the way they chose to market, in part (if I had to guess) because Princess and the Frog tried the traditional princess-marketing route and it didn’t go that well.

Regardless – Pascal! Is! Awesome!

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