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It was raining the night we all went to The Magic Castle, which felt thematically appropriate in some ways. I mean – a creaky old castle full of secrets on a rainy night? As if our adventure to the Magic Castle could POSSIBLY get any better!


Once again (this was the same weekend we went to Club 33) my friend Jenny invited me to experience a rare event in LA – dinner and shows at the private magicians’ club, the Magic Castle!

Sadly, you aren’t allowed to take any pictures outside of the reception area, so these are the only pictures I have from our evening:


The rose garden at the club’s entrance


Entrance Guardians


The Magic Castle Mission Statement, in the foyer

It was a fantastic evening though! We happened to be there for their 50th Anniversary week, so all of the shows were performed by former Magic Castle Junior Magicians (the education program the Castle started to keep the art of magic alive).

The show we were guaranteed entrance to with dinner featured a variety of magic styles which was a nice experience since I had never seen a magic performance before. Surprisingly I even got pulled from the audience to assist one of the magic tricks! It was an elaborate, comedic card trick – at one point the magician cut open an orange and there was a rolled up card inside!

There were also magicians just milling about the various lobby/bar areas who perform close-up magic (like card tricks etc) at small tables. We watched one man for a while who was fascinating – we were literally sitting a couple of feet from him and I have NO idea how he did the majority of his tricks.

After the shows we did a little bit of exploring as well – I was fairly insistent on finding the secret passageways that MUST be in that castle (right?!). Alas, no passageways, but we did wander down to the basement (?) area where there was a small museum and a couple of weird hallways with some illusions and trick mirrors in them. One of the stone hallways even had a few artifacts from The Haunted Mansion! I may have actually squealed with excitement.

Another Disney tidbit about the castle – they have a stained glass door there as tribute to Richard Sherman, similar to the Main Street Window that Richard and Robert Sherman share at Disneyland!


Jeremy & I in the foyer area 🙂

Who knows when or if I’ll ever get the chance to go back, but if you ever meet a magician or member of the Magic Castle who would invite you to attend, it’s definitely a great Hollywood secret and worth the visit!

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According to a blurb my sorority posted on Facebook about a week ago, a friendiversary is the anniversary of becoming friends with someone. It just so happens that this terminology lesson coincided with TWO excellent events: my friendiversary with Erin (roughly January 17thish or so — whatever day we had Traditions on our Disney College Program) AND Erin’s visit to the west coast with her husband Mike (they got married in November, if you remember from here).


The initial reason for their somewhat last minute trip west was actually a friend’s wedding down near Anaheim, but they were going to spend some time in the Hollywood area too.

Jeremy & I met up with them one night for a Haunted Hollywood Bus Tour (cue the creepy music).

Erin and Mike on the tour bus

This was actually my very first LA bus tour. Our driver was…interesting to say the least. We all actually probably knew more about motorcycles than anything else at the end of the tour. And the only thing I may have been scared of was his completely insane driving.

BUT we drove by The Magic Castle (Neil Patrick Harris is a member of this exclusive magicians club/hangout), which was exciting because I desperately want to go sometime.

The Magic Castle (invitation only)

We also saw Bella Lugosi’s (aka Dracula himself) old house, which was appropriately creepy looking.

After that we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was actually a first time event for me! And of course took some goofy pictures, because that’s just how we roll.

Two days later we were lucky enough to get to see Mike & Erin AGAIN and spend practically an entire day at the West-Coast Happiest Place on Earth (aka Disneyland) with them. SO. Much. Fun.

Best. Ride Photo. Ever.

Erin & I in Toon Town!

I thought the tea cup might fly off the hinges for a second...

All the Texans

Casey Jr Circus Train at the end of the day

It’s always great to have dear friends come visit — I can’t believe I’ve known Erin for FOUR years already! Time flies! For our 5 year, maybe we’ll switch and I’ll go to Texas…OR maybe we’ll just drag ourselves back down to Orlando 🙂

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