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A return to more plot, and anything involving Kurt and Burt is a good thing in my book. And this episode had SO many great Kurt moments. While honestly a little slow, thinking about it more, it really does bring some great things to the table, showcased some great vocal talent and while heavier than typical episodes, still had some great quips.

Favorite Moments of “Grilled Cheesus”:

* Best Song: Kurt singing I Want to Hold Your Hand, about his dad. O.M.G. This was the most emotional song of the night, and definitely the best overall (though Mercedes is pretty fantastic when she has a gospel choir to back her up). I also really liked Rachel’s Poppa, Can you Hear Me Now? because it was so well sung and well shot. A little weird she ended up singing it directly to Burt in his hospital bed, but definitely an A for some unselfish effort from Rachel.

* Speaking of the Kurt’s song, how in the world did they find the most perfect Young Kurt ever? Seriously, it was almost eerie — like someone knew that Chris Colfer was going to one day be in an episode of a tv show requiring them to show a younger version of himself and therefore they cloned 9 year old Chris so that they would be ready. Ridiculous.

* I’m all for diversity on the football team…but is “Artie, Football Battering Ram” really going to be a thing? This show gets kind of out there sometimes, but this goes pretty beyond anything remotely realistic. At the very least there is no element of surprise to any play they do with him. It just seems more silly than important or interesting.

* An interview Ryan Murphy gave at Entertainment Weekly was right — in light of all the recent gay youth suicides, I was kind of in shock about how timely Kurt’s speech was, about how he didn’t like religion because he’s spent his whole life being teased and ridiculed. So sad.

* It was actually really interesting seeing everyone’s different viewpoints on religion in this episode, and it was surprisingly well-rounded and mature, minus the few instances where they whole point of the scene was to be really overdramatic (Finn, in the Glee Club, with the Cheesus). I really liked the scene between Mercedes and Kurt, where Mercedes acknowledged that their faiths (or lack thereof) was making it hard to talk to him, and Kurt decided that he could find a way to put his personal feelings on the matter aside and go to church with Mercedes, to show he appreciated her helping in the only way she knew how. *sniff, sniff* Also, he went for the fabulous hats. Amazing.

* I laughed out loud when Sue called Santana “Jugs the Clown”

* Speaking of Sue, I LOVE the moments between her and her older sister. It’s great how well developed of a character Sue is, and that these interactions don’t stop her from acting like a total psycho towards everyone else. I also liked that when Emma when to confront Sue about attacking the Glee Club (good job standing up for what you believe, Emma) that Sue actually had a really great solid and level-headed argument to why she thought the Glee Club shouldn’t be singing religious songs.

* Also, “If your kids wanna praise Jesus in class, I suggest they enroll in Sweet Mother of God Academy on I Love Jesus Street.” — Sue

* Brittany quote #1! “I did a book report on heart attacks if you wanna give it to the doctors. I got knocked down an entire letter grade because it was written in crayon.”

* And funniest Kurt/Brittany 1-2 punch:

“You can’t prove that there isn’t a magic teapot floating around on the dark side of the moon with a dwarf inside of it that reads romance novels and shoots lightening out of its boobs but it seems pretty unlikely, doesn’t it?” (Kurt)

“…Is god an evil dwarf?” (Brittany. Obviously.)

Anyway, next week it looks like there is going to be some major personal drama stemming from the different duet pairings going on it Glee club, and a really awesome Finn/Rachel pairing. Yay!

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