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To live in the Disney Dream Suite. It’s quite an achievement to convince the head honchos at Disney World to actually let me live there. I had to buy that new premier annual pass to prove how serious I was about promoting the Disney name and living in the parks full time.

I sincerely hope no one is buying this, because I don’t even buy this. As SERIOUSLY COOL as this would be, I am the WORST at coming up with believable April Fools Jokes. I thought about talking about the unicorn my neighbor sent loose in my condo, or how I was offered to voice the newest character in a Disney Animated Feature, or how my dog ate my cell phone?

Maybe even how I got to play with a iPad THREE WHOLE DAYS EARLY.

But only Phil Dunphy gets to do that. “Next week! That’s like the worst thing you can say to an early adopter.” bahahahaha Big Phil. I love that show.

I will just have to get more clever for next year, and create an annual yet still surprising prank, like Tia:

Pixar April Fools

Happy April Fools everyone!


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