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While I was on vacation this summer, I read a book called Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street, and it’s like that book has rekindled a Muppet obsession I didn’t even know I had.

I mean, I watched the Muppets growing up — Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, The Muppet Babies, Muppet Treasure Island, etc etc but while I obviously liked the Muppets, they weren’t super integral to my life. I was never Miss Piggy for Halloween, and for a long period of time I kind of just…forgot about them in general. Though I do remember this one episode of Muppet Babies that taught me about animation:

Reading an entire book, however — about all the hard work that went into creating such a groundbreaking children’s show like Sesame Street, and how that paved the way for Jim Henson to break a barrier in puppetry and go on to create other series (like the edgier Muppet Show and movies like The Dark Crystal) has made me a total Muppet geek.

Side Note: Do Muppet/Jim Henson fans have a go-to phrase to define themselves, like Potter-heads and TwiHards and the like? Just wondering.

Anyway, Exhibit A of Muppet Obsession, a new member of my home:

Exhibit B: I kind of want to be a Muppet for Halloween now.

Exhibit C: How can you not like this video?!

Exhibit D: They just came out with Muppet Silly Bands, and I almost want to drive to Disneyland for the sole purpose of getting them.

All slight joking aside, it really is an interesting book, especially for those who either have a fondness for cute stuffed creatures or learning about the television industry. Plus it was the first substantial book I read on my iPad, and it was awesome!

Kermit and I highly recommend it.

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Well, really this post is more “Paper or Plastic/Metal-combo” but that’s not a catchy title. A more descriptive title would be “Stationary and pretty pens or fancy space technology”.

I don’t think it’s a completely new problem, especially among the young adult set who are quick to adopt and use technology for increasingly large chunks of their lives. But as more accessible and fun technology is developed and introduced into my life (iPAD!) I find it an increasingly annoying conundrum.

I have always been obsessed with stationary, patterned notebooks, sparkly pens, bright colored pencils…it bordered on obsessive, especially during school supply time. Seriously, the only way I should be allowed in a Target or Michaels from July-October is if I’m handcuffed and being led around by someone else. It’s part my writerly/sketch-loving nature, part my love of brightly colored things, and part well, I’m not really sure. But I could have 15 unused notebooks at home, and I will walk into a store and see some leather bound thing with a monkey stamped on it and I will convince myself that its a creative necessity. Yea…

On the other hand, I really love all the cool things technology has brought to my life (iPAD!) Facebook was the coolest thing at our high school graduation parties because it was new and shiny and you couldn’t sign up without a college email address and OMG I could find my best friend from elementary school on there by searching for their Pittsburgh high school. Now everyone can use it, but it’s how I keep tabs on a lot of my good friends who don’t live so close to me anymore.

That makes me sound surprisingly old…that’s the cool thing about all the stuff flooding the markets these days though – it comes out so FAST. It’s not just fun things on the internets (s intentional) either. It’s the sleek shiny gadgets that you can carry all the fun internet, video and music content around on (iPAD!)

I love Twitter and Facebook, and watching Netflix on my new iPad (I will stop mentioning it now, promise). The sketchbook pro app is pretty freaking sweet too. BUT I also love mailing out cards for birthdays and the Christmas season.  And if the Animation Academy at California Adventure/Disney’s Hollywood Studios stopped using pencils and ginormous (seriously, why?) paper for their drawing classes I would maybe shrivel up and die.

Paper? Plastic? Paper? Plastic? …Such a dilemma. Luckily it’s not like I have to choose one over the other.

Though if I seem a little brain-melty, these are the kinds of things I battle out in my head. In case you were wondering.

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iPad? iPad!!

Me & my iPad!

Drumroll please:

After a surprisingly quick line this morning, I’m the proud owner of a 32gb iPAD!

The more I read the reviews this week, the more excited I got. Luckily the mall closest to me was pretty quiet (it might also have been because the Apple store was the only thing open at the time, I was there that early…) and I was in and out with my new electronic baby quickly.

Anyone have a good name for it? My laptop is named George (George Washington – Washington Apples – Apple Macs…get it?) if that helps with the naming process.

I’ve spent the afternoon putting a fair amount of movies, tv, music and pictures on it, as well as some cool apps, and it has been really really easy to work with. Some apps I’m already obsessed with:


It came with Winnie the Pooh (!!) and the color illustrations look great. I also downloaded a bunch of free domain books I like (Peter Pan, Grimms Fairy Tales, Pride & Prejudice) to start. Page turning is kinda fun and the short reading I’ve done so far looks great.


I could download all the books I had on my kindle onto my iPad! Made it totally worth it. Also – FREE!

ABC Player:

Also free, and streaming the Grey’s episode I tried was great. In that vein, the NETFLIX app also works great (I tried Mighty Ducks out hehe.)


Looks really cool on the iPad. Now I need the official Facebook app, and I can keep up with my severe Facebook/Twitter addiction on all platforms.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get Scrabble, because everyone seems to love it, as well as a drawing app and Pages, but I haven’t gotten any paid apps yet. Looking forward to figuring out more cool things to do on it this weekend!

Phil Dunphy would be proud I’m celebrating his birthday this way.

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