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After the great success that was GlowFest this summer at Disney California Adventure, they decided to follow up with the fall/winter/maybe longer? event called ElecTRONica to celebrate the December release Tron: Legacy. From what I have heard, it is very similar to GlowFest — dancers, shows, good times by all. Only instead of outsourced crazy mohawked people, ElecTRONica is a neon blue, laserman-dancing, Flynn’s arcade-having wonderland.

I haven’t been (though I AM going soon! *so excited*) but I did see the Opening Ceremony they do around 6 PM each day that ElecTRONica is open (Friday-Sunday, mostly). It was pretty darn cool — really retro but also modern, and made me excited for the new movie, which I’m sure is part of the point.

I was so excited though, that I opened up my spiffy new iMovie 11 the other day and played around with the new Trailers feature, until I came up with THIS:

I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out — I’m by no means a video wizard, but the storyboard/shot list insert format makes it look fairly professional.

ElecTRONica: The Movie Trailer is just a glimpse until I can go hang out at DCA again and film ElecTRONica: The Movie.

Thank you Apple and Disney, for keeping my Geek flame burning. I’m now thoroughly convinced that my real life’s goal is to be Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, thanks to the two of you.


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I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. I knew going in that they were dealing with that whole signal-killing-death-grip-thing but I also heard that updating my iPhone 3G to ios4 could kill it, and that reception in my place was so awful I was willing to chance it if there was a hope of fewer dropped calls.

A few days in and there are definitely less dropped calls! And I can’t even figure out how to execute the death grip that kills reception. I’ve been trying. Also — anyone up for some FaceTime fun? Anyone? Bueller?

I can change the background behind my apps too, which is neat. It’s currently this:

I’ve only gotten 2 new apps with the new phone — the iBooks iPhone app so I can sync my iBooks from my iPad, and iMovie.

I’m still figuring out how it works, but it’s a pretty simple process from what I can tell. I wish there was more freedom in where you could put text boxes (over an entire clip is kind of annoying) and but other than that it’s a really fun way to make quick videos from your phone look a little snazzier. Uploading them straight from your iPhone to youtube doesn’t keep them in HD quality (I believe the file is too big?) but quality is still good. I might try syncing to my computer later just to see the difference.

Here are two examples I made with clips of shows I saw with Ryan, Alex and Beth at Disneyland this weekend:

Summer Nightastic fireworks show “Magical”


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