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Just a few days before I got on a plane to come visit my family in North Carolina, I went to my office holiday party. This was not a typical office party, either (we’d had a super nice, “traditional” office lunch Christmas party the day before) — for our last day before break, we all went to the race track!


One of our bosses is a huge horse racing buff, and thought it would be a fun change of pace. It was  a fun day, even though it happened to fall at the beginning of LA’s rainy cold weather.


Setting up the gates for a race

I rode (english, show jumping) for four years when I was younger, but I’d never been to a racetrack before so that was definitely a new experience.


I'm a fan of the trumpeter's shiny top hat

I even ended the day with more money than when I started! It may have only been a couple dollars (I’m too cautious to really risk a lot right around the holidays) but it was exciting!


I didn’t dress up, and I’m honestly really glad about that because it got COLD later in the day and even my 3 layers weren’t really enough, but these guys made me rethink my race track style a little bit:


I should've at least worn a big hat...

All in all a great start to my vacation! Coming up: A very-awesome mostly-surprise trip for the Cullen girls 🙂

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