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Cover of "The Quiet Man (Collector's Edit...

The Quiet Man (nowhere to be found on TV this year)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day — a joyous celebration of all things Irish…or if you live in America, most likely an excuse to pretend to be Irish and drink green beer.

But I digress.

Can you believe that TCM nor AMC, A&E or any other channel that is prone to play older films was playing The Quiet Man OR Darby O’Gill and the Little People today? (At least as of today around noon-ish when I started looking for televised ways to celebrate my heritage, as I’m not really much of a beer drinker, especially early in the morning.)

I managed to catch the end of The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, though, which was Debbie Reynolds first role (as the kid sis in the film). It was a pretty good movie about Irish Americans and the pursuit of the stage.

The real St. Patrick’s Day excitement though, was that Disney Channel was playing their 2001 Ryan Merriman (of current Pretty Little Liars potential-Allison-killer fame) DCOM The Luck of the Irish.

I love The Luck of the Irish. They really don’t make DCOM’s like they used to.

In it, Kyle Johnson (Merriman) attempts to learn more about his heritage for a class project, and gets more than he bargained for when he discovers not only is his mom’s side of the family Irish, they’re actually leprechauns.

Like many DCOMs of the day, it’s kind of a silly premise, but it’s a really enjoyable film, and teaches (but does not bash-you-over-the-head) about the importance of knowing more about yourself and your family.

Plus Ryan is kind of cute. Admit it!

I hope everyone who wanted to found a way to inject a little bit o’ green into your day!


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The second Glee of the week (following the supersized Superbowl episode) was all about the mushy gushy holiday coming up next week: Valentine’s Day. And in true Glee fashion we saw all kinds of expressions of love — including a class assignment (!) and an attack on their local GAP store (which living in LA, looked a LOT like The Grove).

Favorite Moments of “Silly Love Songs”

* Favorite Song of the Night: Firework for overall vocal performance/key-ness to plot. Though I also really love any chance to hear the Warblers do their thing, and Puck is also great, so this was a knockout episode overall song-wise.

* Kurt & Blaine were totally adorable in this episode — they know each other’s coffee orders and everything! I also thought it was really endearing that Blaine may be the popular guy but he is apparently completely clueless when it comes to relationships. I thought he was just not into Kurt that much (yet??) and just saw him as an awesome little ment-ee, but really he just had NO. IDEA. that Kurt liked him. Which is saying a lot because Kurt is SUPER obvious about his emotions. When we found out Blaine’s real crush was a Jr. Manager at the Gap, we got this little gem:

“If he and I got married, the Gap would give me a 50% discount.”

The Gap attack by the Warblers was a great idea on Kurt’s part — and they did an excellent job even though they freaked out Blaine’s crush. Also, serious question LA-ers: I’m 98% sure that the Gap was the one at The Grove – can anyone confirm or refute this fact? Please? (For those who may not know, the Grove is a very adorable outdoor mall and farmer’s market in Los Angeles. Kind of Disney-esque in it’s dedication to theming, which may be why it’s a favorite of mine.)

* I always love a good class assignment, but this one was a little unfortunate since MOST of the Glee club is paired off right now. As if Mercedes and Rachel weren’t feeling bad enough, everyone was singing their love song to their boyfriend/girlfriend AND there weren’t even enough boy/girl pairings to go around! Rude, Mr. Shue.

* Thanks to the class assignment though, we got a lot of Rachel in obsessing-over-Finn mode, which has been pretty entertaining lately. The sleepover scene with Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt was so adorable — I really like that they’re emphasizing the diva kid’s close friendship in these new episodes.

* I know Finn is a high school boy, and honestly kind of on the dim-side when it comes to high school boys, but WHAT is he doing with Quinn and Rachel? Ugh. Seriously, Finn, way to break everyones heart by giving Rachel her late Christmas present, but be a complete jerk in the process by having a kissing booth “for the good of the Glee club” (um…right) at the same time where he kisses everyone BUT Rachel, basically. The cheek doesn’t count, Finn! And I felt really bad for her in the nurse’s office, when he essentially said that kissing her doesn’t have the fireworks that kissing Quinn does.

* On the same note, as Lauren so deftly pointed out, Santana is certainly a b*tch, but she’s a crafty one! Getting mono while being a “high school candy striper” so that she could give it to Finn, knowing that he was fooling around with Quinn and the whole mono situation would blow their cover, while seriously mean, was also pretty genius. “I’ve had mono so much, it turned into stereo” hahaha. Finn was seriously gross this episode. Way too cocky, and perpetuating such a double standard — as Quinn pointed out, he was angry and heartbroken and hadn’t forgiven Quinn OR Rachel when they cheated on him, but now that it was for his benefit he was encouraging it? Ew.

* Lauren is quickly becoming a favorite Gleek for me. 1. She is the new object of Puck’s affection, but is being totally awesome about the whole situation, being “a bigger badass than I am” (Puck’s words) and making him really work for it and not get all gimmicky about the whole thing. 2. She shoved Santana into a bunch of lockers repeatedly in pretty much the most hilarious fight scene ever. Santana attempting to convince Lauren that “Lima Heights adjacent girls know how to fight” as she had to be carried to the nurse was too funny. Only downside of Lauren so far? She stood up Puck on a date to Breadstix! No one on this show passes up Breadstix!!

* “Santana said Mr. Shue should be in a 12-step program” — Tina, “What?!” — Mr. Shue, “You’re addicted to vests” — Santana

* Did anyone else notice that when the Warblers sang about never finding love, Blaine pointed at Santana? Hilarious.

* Santana, again (she was really hitting those one-liners!) “Whatever, I’ll just marry an NFL player. They’re super reliable.”

* Best Brittany Quote: “That’s my man — his legs don’t worrrrk.”

So, that was Valentine’s Day, Glee-style. Next week — Glee is still new!

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Winter Weather

We woke up to ice this morning in NC, and ice means it’s best to stay off the roads — so I’ve been doing laundry all day (not exactly a ton of fun.)

It’s the first round of ice down here since I’ve been back visiting, but it has certainly not been winter-weather-free. I’m actually kind of enjoying the snow and ice, because it’s pretty much my one chance to see some powder and layer up now that I’m living in LA. We even got snow the day after Christmas, which was close enough for me!

Some fun holiday/winter moments the past couple of weeks:


Christmas Eve Dinner


Christmas Morning -- hence the no-makeup-and-bathrobe look


Gracie and Nora


My little "devil dog" covered in snowballs


Snow covered trees looking kind of Whoville-esque


Early morning snow fall. Lovely.


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