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OMG everyone, the awesomeness of last night was almost too much for me. I have never understood the Gwyneth hate, really — I kind of love her (blame Shakespeare in Love). So between Gwyneth and the tribute to one of my absolute favorite classic films of all time Singing in the Rain, I was sold on this episode before I even saw it. It did not disappoint!

Favorite Moments of “Singing in the Rain”:

* Best Song of the Night: I think “Forget You” was the ┬ámost overall fun — Gwyneth was so happy! And everyone was having so much fun! That said…I LOVE Make ‘Em Laugh. It’s one of my favorite moments of Singing in the Rain. And then there was the Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mashup. It was a little wonky/uneven in the blending of the two songs, but the choreography was so.freaking.cool that it has to be up there as well. 3 way tie this week?

* I laughed so hard when Holly Holiday (Are you a porn star or a drag queen?) turned to Rachel and just yelled in her face “Rachel you suck!” Seriously, I cannot get over how good Gwyneth was in this weeks episode! I hope people get the monkey flu pox all the time now!

* I loved seeing all the mini-Gleeks when Mr Shue was hallucinating! Beyond adorable.

* I don’t quite understand Mercedes obsession with tater tots, but it did lead to some pretty funny things so I’ll forgive it. Maybe it was a reference to Napoleon Dynamite (also known as that movie I really hate from the early 00s?) Dunno, but we got a funny Norma Rae reference out of it, a reason for Principal Sue (!!!) to wreak further havoc on the school, and the chance to see what an all foam diet would look like…ew.

* It also led to the best Sue and Brittany quotes of the night!

Sue (holding broccoli): When I showed this to Brittany earlier she started to whimper because she thought I had cut down a small tree where Gummi Bears live.

This quote is AWESOME, because The Gummi Bears was my absolute favorite childhood cartoon about gummy bears who lived in a tree and had magical juice powers:

Brittany (re: tots): They look like deep-fried deer poop.

* There has been a lot of Breadstix visits lately. This is not a criticism, just an observation. I felt kinda bad that Kurt is so blatantly ignoring Mercedes now that he has Blaine (and being a little condescending and annoying, honestly). BUT because of that we got “gay gay gay gay gay *tiny purse falls out of Kurt’s mouth* gay gay gay” sooooo I’m ok with it. For now, anyway. Gosh teenagers can be jerks!

*Terri the Terror is back, let’s all rejoice! I know I say this every time she’s on screen, but I freaking love Terri. I actually feel a little bad that she’s trying, with the medication and therapy, and that Will is still SO awful to her. Granted, she pulled the whole “fake baby” thing. But still. I hope her run in with Holly Holiday brings her around more.

* Holly teaching all the kids spanish by discussing Lindsay Lohan’s rehab visits. Ha! Also: Mary. Todd. Lincoln. I’m so glad she can pop up any ol’ time they can hire Gwyneth since she’s the resident McKinley sub.

Next week, it seems like things get pretty dramatic again on Glee…and it looks like there are TWO weddings!


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So I just posted my recap of this week’s Glee earlier, and now EW.com has posted two fabulous Glee tidbits, that I felt the need to do another mini post.

1. Apparently The Warblers (or, at least, everyone but Blaine) are the real-life a cappella group from Tuft’s University, The Beelzebubs! AND, they did the arrangement for the song themselves, and will also be doing all subsequent arrangements/performances. So, now I’m hoping that Kurt runs over to Dalton’s every single week.

2. There’s also a link to quick-hit clips of the songs for next weeks episode with Gwyneth — not a lot to really judge, but I do like the Umbrella/Singin In the Rain mashup, and there IS a cover of Make Em Laugh after all. Yay! If you don’t mind song-related spoilers, you can listen to the clips here.

And here’s the full article about The Warblers/The Beelzebubs if you’re interested.

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