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This past weekend, Jeremy and I went to Griffith Park to see the Merry-Go-Round.



Got our tickets!

This is not just ANY carousel, either. It is a gorgeous, vintage, pretty gigantic, carousel. The organ that accompanies it is one of the oldest of its kind, and has one of the widest ranges of music — over 100 songs!


They're in the middle of refurbishing the ride


It’s surrounded by playgrounds, and picnic areas in a still-secluded-feeling area of the Park.


The Griffith Park Carousel is ALSO the place where Walt Disney used to take his two daughters on the weekend — and the place where he sat on a bench and dreamed up the idea for a place that had more rides, was cleaner, and that parents could enjoy too…DISNEYLAND!


I'm blinking...but the Disney bench picture HAD to be included!

I’m a huge fan of carousels in general — I love the craftsmanship that goes into a lot of the older ones, and they just have a great sense of nostalgia surrounding them. Though I’m not exactly discriminatory in my carousel-riding — whether it’s horses, giraffes, whales or dinos, if it spins in a circle and plays tinkly organ music I. AM. THERE.


A simple, classic, fun way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon!


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