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A couple weekends ago, Sherman Oaks opened their own weekly farmers market.

I’d been to the big, permanent farmers market at The Grove roughly a billion times since I’ve moved out here, but I’ve never gone to one of the weekly ones that are so prevalent in LA before — each one is open different days of the week, and at different times, and I’m always forgetting to go until I see a sign pointing out that I JUST missed one.

This time, though, I’d left myself enough reminders to know that come 9 AM Saturday morning, it was time to get up and get my little butt over to the farmers market!

I was definitely delighted at their first efforts — a good selection of fresh flowers, and a fairly wide range of fresh (and often organic) fruit, vegetables and nuts. Prices were pretty on-par with what I normally pay too, so stopping by weekly isn’t going to break the bank.



You could also find some bakery options, and local restaurants with stands to provide breakfast. (Eggs or breakfast burritos, anyone?)

There was even some live entertainment (I have no idea if this is a typical farmers market thing, but it was really enjoyable!)


It was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but it was just the first week. This is also the first Sherman Oaks sponsored one, meaning it’s SUPER close to me — definite bonus points! I’m definitely looking forward to early Saturday morning trips for the foreseeable future!


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I don’t know how true this is for everyone else, but for me March and April are very birthday-heavy. From March 20-April 16 my whole immediate family (mom, dad, sister, me) all have our day-o-birth. There are also at least 3 other family members and 3-4 close friends in that similar time span. I can barely look at a cake for weeks after the cake-a-palooza that is March and April for my family.

Today, I can now add a co-worker to that long long list of early spring birthdays. That said, I’m still glad that grown-up work-world has maintained some of the rituals of my childhood. Namely – that you get some form of a cake in the office on your birthday.

When I worked as a PA on Greek this tradition bordered on ridiculous. There are a lot of people that work on a TV show – cast, crew, office people etc. And on our show at least, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM got a cake (or pie or something if we knew they had a preference) on their birthday. We basically had a cake about once every two days. For MONTHS. Like I said, ridiculous.

Today though, was a birthday-day in the office and I was in charge of getting cupcakes from Frosted. We were trying out the place for the first time, and let me just say – DELICIOUS.

Red Velvet...YUM. Birthdays are the best.

I had a mint chocolate chip one (!!) and half a red velvet and now I think I might just burst.

Luckily I work in a smaller office now – I have no resistance to the wiles of cupcakes.

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