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This past weekend was a pretty scatterbrained mash-up of activities:

1. Saw Ramona &¬†Beezus. My love of children’s films, and lack of shame over not having an under-12 with me, compelled me to see this adorable (though slightly bland) film. Since it’s already almost out of theaters, I went to a VERY small theater in Sherman Oaks — the theater lights were already turned off when I exited the show a little after 10 on a Friday. Made me feel like I was back in NC, where at 10 PM there are approximately 2 cars on the road.

Ramona and Beezus

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2. Also saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Hello film-viewing-180! This film had a very cool aesthetic and I loved the “leveling up” video game touches throughout. The supporting cast definitely made this movie for me — I LOVED Kieran Culkin (hilarious), seeing Anna Kendrick made me smile, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (of Sky High fame for me, haha) was great as Ramona Flowers. Apparently it was a very Ramona weekend. Unfortunately, and this is where I probably break from the pack, this movie really just made me realize how much I don’t like Michael Cera. Or at the least I’m very bored with the character he frequently plays, even if it fits very well in this film.

3. I went to the Santa Monica Pier to read/lay out (which ended up being an…interesting choice, since unlike the valley it was overcast and very windy) and hang out with Jeremy and his friends at a beach football game. Which was interrupted at one point by what, upon initial sighting, made me (as a former Disney CP) want to run for the hills:

Is that a...*gulp*...GINORMOUS TOUR GROUP?

It turned out to not be a crazy singing/chanting group of foreign tourists, but a flash mob led by a guy with a giant clock for a head…yea…Let’s go to the video!

After the invasion, a few of us went to the new Santa Monica Place mall for lunch. The sun peaked out briefly for lunch in the gorgeous, spacious, incredibly clean food court, and for a bit of wandering around. There is an incredibly large Nike store, a Kitson, and a bunch of designer stores (oh la la) and one of the new, revamped Disney stores!

*Disney geek out* It was not quite as Apple-esque and touch-screen/no-more-sales-desks-happy as I’d originally heard, but it is very pretty, and more interactive than past designs. Design touches included: a giant Princess Castle with large mirrors for optimum dress up; a gazebo-esque area where you can use touch screens to select both recent and retro video clips to watch on a big screen; and a very “I’m in a “fairy”tale (hello Tink!) forest wandering down a path” type color scheme/decor. See new Disneystore.com headers as example:

Disneystore.com -- the redesign

Finally, before leaving we walked around 3rd street promenade (an outdoor, no car strip of stores, right next to the new mal, which I feel like I haven’t done in FOREVER. Did you know they are now dino friendly?



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