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Anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE taking pictures. I’m also pretty addicted to my iPhone, and love trying out new tech finds.

Well imagine my surprise when one of my fav YouTubers ijustine showcased a product that combined my love of all of the above! The Olloclip.

It’s basically a little 3-lens combo that clips (duh) onto your iPhone and enhances its camera. I decided to get it with some birthday money and I have been in LOVE. Probably to the point of overusing the fisheye lens JUST A BIT.



(Fisheye examples #1, 2 and 1,375)

I like it bc of how supremely portable it is- this coming from someone who’s used to toting a giant dslr wherever she goes. Though I recently acquired a smaller Nikon J1 for Christmas (which I also love, despite it’s current malfunctioning 10-30mm lens…) I’ve found I like having something even more compact for spur of the moment pictures.

(Taken with the wide-angle lens option while at our fabulous Easter Brunch in Malibu)

And while the iPhone takes very clear, pretty pictures on a normal basis, I feel SLIGHTLY more photography-y (not a word, I know) when I’m using it.

Does anyone else use the Olloclip or any other device with their phones camera? It’s not being overly ridiculous to use both this AND the Instagram app, right? Good. Because you can’t take either away from meeeeee!

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I am a big fan of fettucine alfredo, and it is all because of Epcot. I had actually never had it before (to my recollection) before stepping into Alfredo’s in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion on my college program back in 2007.


Graduation Lunch at Alfredo's, 2007

And then I was hooked. Sadly, Alfredo’s closed their Epcot restaurant in 2007 (right after my program) due to economic problems with the bulk of their restaurants in Italy and the high rent price that Epcot requires.

Imagine my delight though, when looking for a fettucine alfredo recipe the other night, to find the Alfredo’s recipe! (I found it here).


The Setup

I like that it’s only got a couple of ingredients — super simple! Though not all grocery stores carry egg noodles and European-style Plugra butter, so that could require a bit of a hunt if you’re looking to replicate this yourself.


The Ingredients


Noodles, boiling away...


Alfredo Sauce

The only thing I wasn’t sure of was the alfredo sauce — I think it was supposed to blend together better than it did (it separated a fair amount off the heat), but I’m pretty sure that was an operator-error — I either didn’t stir enough/stirred too much, or didn’t heat it at the right levels. I didn’t ruin it by any stretch though, so that was a relief.

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a final result photo (I’m clearly not a seasoned food blogger) but it looked good, and tasted pretty much exactly how I remembered.

Here’s the easy-peasy 3-step recipe:


1 lb. fresh fettuccine noodles
4 quarts boiling, salted water
1 cup unsalted Plugra butter, softened (Or use normal butter if you can’t find Plugra)
1/3 to 1/2 cup Parmesano Reggiano cheese, freshly grated


1. Melt butter over very low heat. Go ahead and boil the pasta while the butter is melting.
2. Whisk in grated parmesan cheese; continue whisking over a low heat until the cheese melts and the butter/cheese sauce becomes a creamy consistency.
3. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and place in large pasta bowl; toss with sauce. Garnish with freshly cracked black pepper.

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Ok, so I may be a bit behind the bandwagon here.

Especially because this short film did win an Oscar this year, and all (which is actually how I first heard of it).

Seriously, after watching this completely endearing acceptance speech, and then hearing a few rumblings from Twitter etc, I finally decided that I had to see God of Love for myself.

I’ll make a confession here: I’m not much of a live-action short film kind of person usually. I tend to be a lot more “popcorn” in my film choices (re: blockbusters and chick flicks) with some popular dramas thrown in for good measure (I LOVED The King’s Speech this year). While I’m a fairly big Francophile, that often does not extend to their films (I have seen Breathless way more times than anyone should thanks to film classes AND french classes in college). And while some short-subjects pique my interest, overall their oft-necessary abstractness (thanks, time constraints!) tend to turn me off.

Luke Matheny - director, actor & writer of God of Love

But. BUT.

God of Love really is a must-see. It’s pretty quirky, but it’s a really cute love story. I laughed out loud multiple times. I spent a lot of time wondering about his ridiculous hair. I marveled at the dart skills. I giggled at myth references. And I kicked myself in the pants for being maybe-just-a-little-bit too “meh” about the idea of short films, and therefore taking entirely too long to see this.

Especially when you can get it for only $1.99 on iTunes!

(I honest to goodness don’t know a single person involved with God of Love — I just saw it this weekend and developed an incredibly strong desire to get other people to watch it so I could gush about how cute it is.)

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