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October is one of my favorite months. It has fallen down the list a tad since moving to LA, since there isn’t a lot of amazing color changing foliage in a desert (LA is pretty in it’s own desert-y way, just very seldom for that reason), but it’s still a fav. As a kid in Pittsburgh it meant mountains covered in gorgeous colors, crisp weather, and beyond-awesome often-homemade Halloween costumes (I will dig up the picture of all the neighborhood girls dressed as the 7 Dwarfs for a later post).

It snowed one year too, but that’s kind of beside the point.

The point is that October is awesome, and just like Christmas comes with a whole slew of amazing Halloween movies. ABC Family even has a “13 Days of Halloween” movie lineup — though it’s become suspect as of late, as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory doesn’t exactly scream “Halloween” or even “Fall” to me, just weird.

But October’s arrival means I have a perfect excuse to watch (on repeat) “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, a select scary movie or two, and the movie that inspired this:


My best Winifred Sanderson impression


Hocus. Pocus. (It’s ok if you didn’t get it before I told you. I’m not exactly a dead ringer for Bette Midler)

This is pretty much hands down my favorite Halloween movie ever, and also pretty high on any holiday movie rankings of mine as well. This semi-cult gem from Disney (I have no idea how well it did when it first aired, but I will ALWAYS watch it when it’s on TV) is hilarious, and crams basically anything and everything fall/Halloween-ish into movie.

Crisp Northeastern Fall Setting? Check.

Mysterious town legend that is actually real? Check.

Trick-or-treating (Costumed, and not)? Check.

Fabulous Halloween party? Check.

Oh, and it’s even set in SALEM of all places. It is absolutely glorious.




If I didn’t watch so much TV (chronicled here, too) I would probably be watching it tonight. Looks like I won’t be under SJP’s spell with all the little children til Saturday!

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We’re finally out of the ridiculous heat wave in Los Angeles, but sadly it did not lead straight into the gorgeous fall weather the above photo makes me think of. Instead? It’s raining today. Dreary, glum, chilly weather that brings with it myriads of people that have either never known the east coast or forgotten what it’s like to live there, because every time it rains people Freak. The Heck. Out. It would be funnier if it wasn’t mildly terrifying when I got in the car.

Today was also just a weird day. The bosses are still out of the country, and so it has been very slow in the office. Not always a bad thing, but often makes for some bizarro-time-warp type days where I can never keep track of what time it is or what’s going on.

The weird-day icing on the cake though, was that three different friends, who were not in the same location, each using different social networks (text message, FB, twitter) asked that I get married in Disneyland or Walt Disney World, when the time comes. This is not the first time this has come up, seeing as how I AM the ginormous Disney nerd among my non-Disney-friends. But THREE different people on the same day was a little ridiculous. Actually, despite the fact that it is completely the nerdiest thing ever and that if it was anyone else she would mock them for it endlessly, my best friend has been pushing for this since I went off to Florida my sophomore year of college. Still, this did result in me spending at least half an hour on the Disney Weddings website   — looking at ridiculous things like the fact that you can have your reception in the Disney California Adventure Magic Of Animation building (squee!) and this admittedly gorgeous new line of Disney Wedding Dresses that Arden showed me (I like Sleeping Beauty’s):

So thanks, friends, for keeping my Disney Geekdom burning bright on this rainy day. All this talk DID get me more excited to go to Texas in a month for my other best friend Erin’s wedding. So there’s that 🙂

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Stress Reliever

I’m not entirely sure of the cause, but I can tell I’m getting stressed about something going on lately. I’ve been excessively tired the past few days. I can feel myself sort of clenching my teeth, and occasionally my jaw hurts when I wake up. Both of those can also be affected by caffeine, but I’ve really been working to limit myself to on average 1 caffeinated beverage a day (sometimes 0, very occasionally 2), so I don’t think that’s really the issue.

I’ve been working on a couple of ways to unwind, though, that have definitely been helping a little bit.

My very good friend from college, Arden, was huge on manicures, especially during “talky” tv shows (i.e. Gilmore Girls) where you didn’t have to necessarily WATCH the show (like you do for, say, Lost, especially) to enjoy it. So, extra Fall-esque manicure it is!

I’ve also started sketching pretty regularly again, which was always a favorite hobby of mine growing up, and something that fell by the wayside (which I’ve talked about some before). As I’ve mentioned before though, nothing makes me happier at a Disney park than doing an art class at the Magic of Animation (a carousel is a close #2) so I’m glad I’m getting back into it, much like this blog partially started as a kick in the pants to write more. Some recent sketches:

Office Doodles...

...More Office Doodles

Ariel sketch

A more detailed sketch - Ariel!

Between these little things, a renewed effort to work out, and a bubble bath in my future, I’m hoping I get out of this funk soon! Grey’s Anatomy should help tonight too! And maybe I’ll dig out more of my old drawing books … 🙂

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