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Since being back in LA, I have basically started Spring Cleaning a couple of months early. There’s spring-like weather in Los Angeles right now though, and that coupled with Changing-for-the-New-Year mentality makes it seem to work out all right.

First up, as some who may have talked to me or follow me on Twitter know, was the Great Closet Clean-out of 2011. To be perfectly honest, even though I cleaned out my wardrobe before I moved across the country, I held onto WAY too many items from high school or early college that had some kind of sentimental value or that I just felt I couldn’t get rid of for one reason or another.

After 4 almost full days of pulling out EVERYTHING I own and trying it ALL on (can we all groan together on this one? because that was a draining process, let me tell you…) I boxed up a bunch of stuff and carted it off to Good Will.

Step One — complete!!

After being gone for practically a month, I came back realizing that my closet wasn’t the only thing I had to clean. So in all the rest of my spare time (save a few days that were BEGGING me to go to Disneyland…oops?) I have been SCOURING my condo. Literally. It hasn’t helped that every time I vacuum, Gracie follows along behind me beheading stuffed toys and dragging their insides all over the living room.

My new favorite cleaning invention though, is this:

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

I’ve been using them to clean the grout in my tile floors, and get rid of weird marks on my walls left from my lovely puppy and they really are Magic.

The last major change has been a Spring Cleaning of myself…if that makes any sense. Really, what that means is I actually started going to an exercise class, which I’m really liking and really hoping to stick with, even when I start to get busier. It’s called Cardio Barre and it has been KICKING my butt, but it really is fantastic. It’s this crazy combo of free weights and ballet barre exercises with a little yoga mixed in, and it makes you sore for days.  I’m making a more concerted effort to get a little more toned and be a little healthier in general (not that I’m THAT bad to begin with, but I am trying to cook more from scratch etc…)

To be honest, I’m taking a page out of Miss Katie’s (of Marriage Confessions) playbook and trying to Bloom Where I’m Planted. I LOVE LA, and that has never really been a problem, but I always felt so so busy with everything I was doing right from the start that I haven’t really expanded into the area yet as much as I could be — taking classes in the area, meeting more people, just getting out there. So far, I think I’m off to a pretty good start this year 😉

AND I’ve been getting in some quality Disney time to boot — including seeing one of my VERY best friends Erin and her husband Mike the past couple of days (I may just have to blog about it once I get pictures loaded.)

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