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In lieu of a TGIF post yesterday (or any post yesterday…oops!) and since it is Easter tomorrow, I thought I would share these nostalgic videos I found of the Walt Disney World Easter Parade (back when it was a full blown parade that was broadcast on TV, and not a 10 minute pre-parade like they’ve done the past couple of years).

The quality is a little…dated, and the sound is kind of off in the first one, but Happy Easter!!

I attempted baking and went on a Disney-related adventure earlier today, so look for those sometime this coming week, as well as some potential blog maintenance updates/enhancements (maybe…) !

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So…second week in a row of Full House quotes. I’ll mix it up next week!

This is from “The House Meets the Mouse” (part 2) where the Tanner family is in DISNEY WORLD, and DJ keeps thinking she sees her boyfriend Steve. Prince Charming, Indiana Jones, even Aladdin (inside joke alert – the actor who played Steve was the voice of Disney’s Aladdin!) — all Steve.

This episode always makes me think of Easter time, because it’s springy, and in general to me, my childhood Easters are marked by the following things:

Reeses eggs

I only had 1...or 2. I swear!

Easter egg hunts around the house

Wearing pastels

And almost getting squashed by another kid when I was watching the Easter parade live at Disney World (back when they still had it)

Almost squashed watching Goofy come down Main Street.

So see? The above quote was totally relevant to this long weekend, which I hope everyone is enjoying!

Tomorrow I will be wearing pastels while I wait in line for an iPad (!!). Hopefully I will have better luck that Claire from this week’s Modern Family. If anyone has any good spring time or Disney songs/movies/apps I should load up on it – let me know!!

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