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Recap: Du(v)ets

I think this week had my favorite overall group of songs out of any episode in a long time. Almost every single one made me smile or laugh out loud. I don’t know how I’m going to pick a favorite!

Favorite Moments of “Duets”:

* PUUUUUUUUUUUCK! How long is he going to be in juvy for?! This is not acceptable. I did not know that to add Sam (“Sam. I am. I do not like green eggs and ham” !!) they would subtract Puck. This is not a deal I am in favor of or that I agreed to, Glee!

* Favorite Song of the Night: I’m going to call a tie between “Sing” (Tina/Mike) and Rachel/Kurt’s homage to Barbara Streisand/Judy Garland, because those two made me smile the most. Sing was perfect for dancer Mike, and too many kinds of adorable. And Rachel and Kurt really belted out that final number and everyone just looked so, well…happy. Really though, all the songs were pretty spectacular, even the hilariously bad song Rachel and Finn did to throw the competition.

* Character development. Character, character, character! There were SO many good moments tonight:

Rachel, showing that sometimes she is only a little bit selfish (throwing the competition to keep Sam around, which will of course still benefit her because it helps win nationals) and occasionally she can be not-selfish at all. Her moment with Kurt at his locker about how he “may be lonely, and I get that, but you’re not alone” along with the duet she sang with him…*melt* SO sweet, and such a great friendship moment for the show.

Brittany! First – they actually showed more of her apparently incredibly complex relationship with Santana. I’m honestly really confused by what’s going on with them, since Brittany is a little slow and doesn’t really speak in anything but cutely stupid one-liners and Santana only speaks in bitch. THEN, to get back at Santana for abandoning her to sing with Mercedes she pairs with Artie and “do it, before they duet” (ha). You could tell how very bad she felt when Artie backed out of their partnership and it made me so sad! Because honestly, yes, she didn’t really think about his feelings on his virginity before she slept with him, but his reaction is (while in character) way off base. He could’ve said no, and he probably shouldn’t have listened to Santana anyway. Tina was right back in episode 1 of this season – Artie is kind of a jerk.

Kurt. I really like how they dealt with his feelings of loneliness and with the whole Sam thing tonight. While Finn is still not exactly in the right — he shouldn’t be pushing everyone to avoid anything that could be slightly taken “wrong” because that’s just the way their world is; he is right that Kurt is being part of the problem, because he pushes himself on other people too much without considering their feelings. I felt bad when his dad called him out too, but they have a fair point. And both of Kurt’s songs were excellent and played really well into his plot.

* Sam is adorable and surprisingly uber nerdy. Nav’i language, REALLY? Hilarious. Also hilarious that Kurt totally called him out on dying his hair, and was right.

* Rachel and Finn attempting to plot was beyond hilarious. They are really amusingly clueless, but were also effective. So there’s that.

* Everyone’s obsession over Breadstix. “Cuz weez be goin’…to Breadstix.” – Santana. Also hilarious when Santana described carting a wheelbarrow into the restaurant and getting the manager fired because he initially refused to fill it. They said BOTTOMLESS breadsticks!

* Best Brittany moment: the visual gag of her practicing rolling the meatball across her plate like Lady and the Tramp. Alone (sad) but SO funny!

Next week, there’s no Glee, which is unfortunate, but the following week is their big much-talked-about Rocky Horror episode. *Disclaimer: I’m only vaguely knowledgable of Rocky Horror, having only heard snippets of songs and seen a couple of photos…luckily I have two weeks to brush up so I can figure out what’s faithful recreation, what is lame, and what is funny*

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