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Daddy’s Day

Father’s Day was yesterday, but still:

Me, Daddy and Bug, circa mid1990s

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This week: Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Specifically, yet ANOTHER episode where a TGIF show went to Disney World (they pretty much all did, if you haven’t noticed by now). Sabrina and friends actually spent the whole episode in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but there were no real choice quotes about that park that were short enough for a post title. I’m kinda stretching things as it is. I thought this fit in quite nicely with the eco/nostalgia post of yesterday though. I hadn’t remembered at ALL that their episode was in Animal Kingdom — and Harvey spent most of it as a Kilimanjaro Safari Driver, no less!

I was seriously considering heading BACK down to Anaheim this weekend to hit up the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival — they have some fun events, the menus look delicious, and they’ve got some of those new Coca-Cola vending machines that give you 100 different drink choices in one vending machine (?!?!).

However, I’ve been running myself a little thin lately. Plus, I have  to do at least a half day worth of errands on Saturday, including a “fun” eye doctor appointment and figuring out why my camera is being so finicky.

And it *might* be warm enough to go to the beach on Sunday. Maybe.

And I’ve been eyeing either Oceans or The Back-Up Plan (I know, I KNOW) in theaters.

So I probably need to chill out on the running around (other than the errands, and maybe the beach or movie…) this weekend.

But maybe NEXT weekend.

If anyone wants to reminisce about Sabrina the Teenage Witch while I’m attempting to slow myself down this weekend, here you go!

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So…second week in a row of Full House quotes. I’ll mix it up next week!

This is from “The House Meets the Mouse” (part 2) where the Tanner family is in DISNEY WORLD, and DJ keeps thinking she sees her boyfriend Steve. Prince Charming, Indiana Jones, even Aladdin (inside joke alert – the actor who played Steve was the voice of Disney’s Aladdin!) — all Steve.

This episode always makes me think of Easter time, because it’s springy, and in general to me, my childhood Easters are marked by the following things:

Reeses eggs

I only had 1...or 2. I swear!

Easter egg hunts around the house

Wearing pastels

And almost getting squashed by another kid when I was watching the Easter parade live at Disney World (back when they still had it)

Almost squashed watching Goofy come down Main Street.

So see? The above quote was totally relevant to this long weekend, which I hope everyone is enjoying!

Tomorrow I will be wearing pastels while I wait in line for an iPad (!!). Hopefully I will have better luck that Claire from this week’s Modern Family. If anyone has any good spring time or Disney songs/movies/apps I should load up on it – let me know!!

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