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I’m pretty sure Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s sunnier and not-too-hot, and there are tons of flowers cropping up. Out here in LA there are a lot of gorgeous desert wildflowers which I absolutely love. In case you (like I do, frequently) forgot, LA is a desert afterall, even with the bajillion people and green space. Desert beauty and civilization = BEST OF BOTH WORLDS if you ask me.¬†Queue the Hannah Montana music please.

If I was more outdoorsy I would go hiking and take a bunch of pictures, but for now that’s a long shot. We’ll see though.

Spring is, of course, that glorious season when the under 21-set get spring break. As a recent ouster from the under 21-set, I am EXTREMELY jealous of all of these people. Case in point:

One of my best friends went to Puerto Rico with her boyfriend.

As I mentioned in a previous post, other friends came to visit me in Los Angeles. So they did that for break.

My sister and my parents are going to DISNEY WORLD.

Me & my sister in my former residence...Disney's Animal Kingdom

Me? I’m in the REAL WORLD now. And not the ridiculous tv show where a bunch of people live together and pretend not to get along, and hang out in hot tubs all night. Nope, just real life where spring break no longer exists.


I need to spend all weekend at the beach, or maybe my most favorite place to go ever, within short driving distance anyway:

I've been burning a hole in my annual pass.

In reality, I’ll probably just be running errands, figuring out how to smog check and register my stupid car, and venture into the scary world of doing my taxes for the first time EVER. Expect a freak-out post sometime this weekend about all this big girl responsibility.

So instead of (ok, along with) the Hannah Montana, I’m humming some quality 7 Brides for 7 Brothers spring tunes, and leaving the windows open and *breathing in the spring*

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