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Halloween Confessions

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Gracie was very into the Halloween spirit this year. Granted, it was sort of by force, but she was pretty content to wander around in her submarine all day, so I don’t feel THAT bad.

Especially because…I was a lame Halloween celebrator this year. Trick or Treaters don’t come by my apartment (SO unfortunate) and since the only good costumes I could think of involved at least a month of planning, I didn’t dress up either.

I DID go see a hilarious Halloween Stuntacular stunt show (video coming soon) and I also watched yearly-rituals Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. So that’s something.

But Gracie held down the fort this year. I’ll just have to make it up at CHRISTMAS (yay!!!)

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays — it normally hits during perfect fall weather (save the one year in Pittsburgh when it SNOWED…) and I love a good costume. I was lucky, too, that my mom was really craft-y when I was growing up, so I had a TON of really awesome at-least-partially-homemade costumes.

Unfortunately, since this was pre-digital camera, I don’t have a lot of them scanned into my laptop yet (especially now that the photos are living in boxes aaaallll the way in North Carolina). Still:

Jaclyn’s Halloween Quick Hits!

Early on, there was a little less homemade, and more of an emphasis on “the classics”. Exhibit A, above, The Pumpkin! At a Halloween party in the townhouse neighborhood I lived in as a baby, with my old neighbor/BFF Alex, the bunny. Note his really awesome pumpkin flashlight, which I think I also had, because I remember loving it.

I really shined in elementary school — witches, clowns, black cats, and one year my best friend and I were jack-in-the-boxes that were made out of HUGE boxes and pretty freaking cool. The epitome of awesome though, had to have been the year that I somehow convinced all the girls in my neighborhood to band together and go as the 7 Dwarves (I’m Sleepy). We were even allowed to leave our assigned sections of the school Halloween parade (dictated by homeroom) and walk as a group. Pretty much my favorite Halloween ever.

…and I have no more scanned pictures of Halloween through school until college. So, COLLEGE! UNC-Chapel Hill (my alma matter) has one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the south. So big, it has it’s own Wikipedia entry. It’s crazy. But fun. I wasn’t always super theme-y with anyone, but junior year my best friend and I went as flowers, which was slightly different than the norm and pretty cute. It was cold, so we were more “cute” flowers than “sexy” flowers, but we were SPARKLY!

I was pretty excited about my Senior year Halloween though, because I had a ton of fun dressing up as Snow White, and we kind of inadvertently had a Disney theme going on, since after Anne-Marie and Abby decided to go as Dalmatians, Lauren came along as Cruella De Vil. It was also a major WIN because of these girls I met on Franklin Street:

The 7 Dwarves! Full circle from elementary school, complete.

I was lame and didn’t do anything last year, being new and hesitant to the LA Halloween scene, and have yet to come up with a decent idea for this year…But I still have a week! Anyone have any good ideas? Please leave them in the comments 🙂

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