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Me & the family taking grad pictures at the Old Well

Yesterday was Mothers Day. It was also the day of UNCs graduation ceremonies! Why UNC picks Mothers Day of all days for graduation is a bit perplexing (let them have their own day!) but alas, it’s how they roll over there. Congratulations nonetheless to the Class of 2010 and especially to all my friends who are now moving on to adult life! (Or delaying it with a few years of grad school)

This means that it’s officially been an entire year since I’ve graduated (and coming up quickly on 1 year in Los Angeles too). WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?

Graduation was nice — it was a sunny Chapel Hill day. We decided to forgo the large ceremony in favor of sleeping in, more time for pictures, and the more intimated Communications School ceremony, where they did the whole call-you-up-on-stage bit. I saw some good friends and spent the day with my family.

My sister and I at Pi Phi for a little pre-Grad photo shoot

Walking at the UNC Communications School ceremony

Me & fellow Pi Phi/Comm School grad Emma after walking at Graduation

Occasionally I get nostalgic for the all nighters and the fragmented schedule of classes and exams — my senior year I managed to finagle a couple of 3 Day Weekend schedules, and late afternoon starts, which was certainly nice.

Other times I’m glad I don’t have a 20 page paper or a test on some random elective breathing down my neck.

So it’s kind of a give and take situation.

...More Old Well photoshoot fun 😉

This year, while I wouldn’t have been up for Grad Day 2.0 it would’ve definitely been nice to sound Mothers Day with my mommy. We always have a lot of fun together and commute-time-catch-ups aren’t quite the same. The downside of moving cross country, I suppose.

My friend Arden is in town for a visit though, and we saw Babies last night for Mothers Day fun/it was just too cute to pass up. If you like babies learning to crawl, getting into mischief, interacting with animals, and having adorable fits (adorable when you aren’t the one there anyway) this is the film for you!

A full recount of our weekend of Southern Cal filled adventures coming soon 🙂

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Yesterday was not only the Last Day Of Class (or, LDOC) for all my friends back at UNC, it was also my sorority’s Founder’s Day! I actually hadn’t remembered, like at all, until a cute little e-card from the lovely ladies at PiBetaPhi.org arrived in my inbox reminding me as such.

Every year, some of our girls went to a Founder’s Day tea in the spring with the other NC chapters of Pi Phi in the area (Duke, and NC State), and while the actual yes-you-have-to-go-to-this-part was a little groan-inducing, they were always really fun when we got there. Free for all brunches and silly songs are a not-so-bad morning in my book.

Unlike the craziness of sorority life in the fall with rush and a million other things going on, by this time of year formal was over and it was all about Fried Fridays at lunch (sadly, I’ve heard these are now a thing of the past), reading/laying out on the porches (I tried not to get too burnt), and the occasional CS — an awesome Pi Phi tradition that revolves around…eating cookies. YUM!

It’s times like these that I miss springtime in Chapel Hill, and especially, springtime at Pi Phi.

These girls can get you through ANYTHING

Snacks the sorority way

Pi Phi Seniors Spring 2009

I just love the ridiculousness of this

Family 🙂

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