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Errand Day

It was a long, long week. You know things are crazy when you boss says “great week guys!” …on a MONDAY. Yea. It was one of THOSE weeks.

Luckily I got to come home and sleep in on this erratically rainy Saturday, right? Oh no. Gracie went to the vet today – she needed her rabies shot, and spayed, and to get her nails clipped since I can never hold her still long enough to do it and I get scared I’ll clip way too much. The vet had a wide variety of times I could bring her by, and by that I mean when I called they said “great, bring her in between 8 and 9 AM.” Ugh.

So I set my alarm for 6:15, and get out of bed at like 7:30, and manage to get to the vet by around 8:30. And now I’m already awake and out in civilization, and driving around in the ridiculously erratic rain (bizarre 20-30 minute intervals of bright sunshine and raining-so-hard-you-can-barely-see) so I figured I’d go ahead and get some stuff done so I can be lazy tomorrow.

I was going to start at the mall, for some quick clothing-related-purchases (and some new mascara because I can’t go within 20 feet of a Sephora without being sucked into a vortex and coming out with something pretty) but I swung by and it wasn’t open yet. Because oh yea, by then it was still only like 9:15, even though I’d gone to the bank first, and nothing opens until 10 because it’s the weekend (I mean, except the vet and the bank).


So I drove to the Target in Burbank instead of the one near my house so it would for sure be 10 by the time I got there, just in case I was remembering wrong and Target opened later too. But it’d actually opened at 8 so that wouldn’t have been a problem. Sigh. I was also under the delusion that Ponyo was out on DVD because I forgot Entertainment Weekly talks about things for the following week in their must list as if THEY’VE ALREADY HAPPENED. So by “Ponyo is out yay fun!” they actually meant “Ponyo will be out by the Tuesday of the week it says on the cover. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK BECAUSE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT POSSIBLE FUTURE EVENTS HERE.” Double sigh.

After Target it was gas, McDonald’s (sweet tea cravings. Cannot WAIT until they get a Chik-Fil-A here, but I’ll save this rant for whenever the rumored Chik-Fil-A actually gets to LA), back to the mall, then quick grocery trip.

Got home with just enough time to dump everything before I picked up Gracie from the vet. Then Petco to get her a CONE OF SHAME (hehe) so she won’t lick her stitches.

AND I had time to call my dad and my good friend Arden and catch up. Catch up time is basically the only upside to LA traffic. That and lots of time to perfect my car dancing. No judgements please.

…Man until that last part about the car dancing this was such an adult-y post. I mean – errands, vets, groceries. Weird. Next time it’s all fairies and tea parties over here.

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