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Christmas Favorites: TV

Tis the season…for holiday themed episodes of your favorite shows! Just another thing I love about the Christmas season is the chance to add a new Christmas favorite to the stock stable of movies/TV episodes I routinely try and squish in every year starting December 1st.

On to a quick hits of some of my personal favorites!

* Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip “The Christmas Show” — this show only lasted one season, but this is a seriously great Christmas episode. I’ve actually even been able to show it to people not familiar with the show as a pretty decent stand-alone as well. It’s one of their funnier episodes, and devotes a part of the episode to New Orleans jazz musicians — a great timely reference, that is still moving years later. Also, good holiday romance plots.

* I did a whole post on it when the episode aired last week, but the Glee Christmas Episode was a very good one.

* Also briefly mentioned last week, was Community’s Christmas episode this year “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.” The entire episode was in traditional stop-motion style — an homage/parody of all those Rudolph and Santa stop-motion classics. Some funny current references (LOST creator Damon Lindelof apparently sent the Community writers a boxed set of LOST after the shout out), some really sweet earnest character moments and a hilarious new Christmas classic “the Christmas pterodactyl”. I personally don’t watch Community all that often, but still REALLY enjoyed this episode.

* As anyone who knows me is aware, I am a huge Disney kid. That said, I have loved many a Nickelodeon shows’ holiday episodes. Nickelodeon Episodes I Recommend:

As Told By Ginger “An Even Steven Holiday Special”

Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas” (surprisingly sentimental for a kid’s show…definitely one of the most memorable though)

Rugrats “The Santa Experience” and “Chanukah”. Rugrats has actually had 4 or 5 holiday episodes, and have covered Christmas, Chanukah AND Kwanzaa. Thanks for being so informative and well-rounded, Rugrats!

Also thanks iTunes, for conveniently compiling so many Nick Holiday Specials into playlists here here and here.

* The TGIF shows of yore also produced some of my favorite Christmas episodes, including Full House’s “Our Very First Christmas Show” (they get stranded at an airport! On Christmas!), Boy Meets World’s “Santa’s Little Helpers” (Little Morgan freaks out when mall Santa has a heart attack) and “A Very Topanga Christmas” and Growing Pains “A Christmas Story”. Sadly these episodes are a little harder to track down…though Full House and Growing Pains are more readily available on DVD.

* iTunes also consideres A Charlie Brown Christmas a TV special, so in that case, yes yes a thousand times yes I love that one, too. Even if it just had the awesome music and the silly bobble-headed dancing, it is so worth it every year. Same goes to the original Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

So, anyone have any favorites to add to this list? I have a feeling I’m forgetting even some of my own favorites, as there are just so many! These definitely top the list though!

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Recap: Brittany Lou Who

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa. Tis the time of year for holiday episodes of TV shows! One of my favorite holiday episodes of all time is actually Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’s “The Christmas Show” and I think Glee’s episode is now pretty high on my list as well. Frothy and fun, with just a little bit of heartwarming “awww” factor is just what a good holiday episode should be!

Favorite Moments of “A Very Glee Christmas”

*Best Song: Baby It’s Cold Outside was the best staged — and it was fun to see Kurt have some flirty fun singing with Blaine. But I loved that they opened on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” because I’ve never seen the misfit toy song covered before, and I’m a big fan of Merry Christmas, Darling by the Carpenters & Rachel did a good job with it. So…another week of way too many songs I like, essentially.

*Of course Sue would enlist Becky to rig the Secret Santa Coach Bieste set up so that she gets all the presents. I guess when your mom is a famous Nazi-hunter she doesn’t have a lot of time to send things home for the holiday, but STILL. Way to be a Scrooge/Grinch Sue…

*I also really enjoyed the really literal re-enaction of The Grinch scenes. Sue and Becky were super hilarious as The Grinch and the reindog taking all the Christmas away, and then realizing that they didn’t actually ruin the christmas spirit when they could hear the Glee kids singing the Welcome Christmas song to the teachers. Adorable! and really well shot, to boot.

*Is it at all surprising that Brittany still believes in Santa? I like that Artie is continuing his nice streak and trying to make sure she has the best Christmas ever — though I don’t totally understand why he thought this year she was at risk of having it ruined. If she was fine last year, why was this year any different? You could probably argue that the trip to the mall Santa was what almost ruined it, since then they had to scramble to get Santa to tell her that he couldn’t fix Artie’s legs. Then again, that is probably way too much thought for a Christmas episode. Christmas doesn’t need to follow logic rules! It’s magic!

*Speaking of the trip to see the mall Santa — that was pretty much the most hilarious part of the episode. Mike — I want Channing Tatum to star in less stuff. hahaha. “Just know you have rights.” — Brittany to the elves, whom she also thinks are slaves. The whole things was just ridiculous.

* It seemed kinda cruel to force the Glee kids to go around caroling to the other classrooms when everyone basically hates them. Granted, the school I went to in Pittsburgh LOVED that kind of thing — everyone thought it was hilarious and awesome, but then at my school in North Carolina class-to-class caroling would have been super lame. I still don’t think a TEACHER would be the one to throw a shoe though! Especially because singing to the teachers was what was so effective for their toy drive later on!

* Oh Rachel. While I loved the songs she got to sing, to profess her holiday loneliness, she is just so darn pushy it’s embarrassing. Just wait a little bit before dramatic songs, Rach! Nice touch with the Hanukah colored decorations in her first attempt at Christmas for Finn though — so much silver and blue! Sparkly! I don’t understand why Finn couldn’t wait an extra 30 seconds to buy a Christmas tree for the class though? Granted, he’s pretty mad at her right now, but as she points out they are still the leaders of this Glee club! Or Rachel could have bought it without him? Here I go overanalyzing Christmas again…oops!

* Coach Bieste is so, so awesome. She just gets better every episode. I love that she lets the boys convince her to dress up as Santa to try and talk to Brittany. And the story she told Brittany about herself as a kid was so sad! I have NO clue how she managed to afford that really expensive ReWalk system for Artie (that is what we’re thinking right?) but maybe there will be a “Coach Bieste is a secret millionaire plot” later on. Seeing Brittany and everyone so astounded at Artie walking though, so uplifting and happy and Christmas spirit-y.  And Brittany still believes that Santa is great!

Everyone ended the show at Mr. Shue’s so he wouldn’t be lonely for Christmas Eve. And that was the end of Glee until FEBRUARY. As all the shows are wrapping up for a winter hiatus, I guess it’s time to break out the Christmas movies to compliment all these Christmas episodes we’ve been gifted with. End of the Gleecaps til then everyone!

*PS, as I’m posting this much later than usual: did anyone see the stop-motion Community Christmas episode? Stop motion is pretty great in general, and this was a super fun Christmas episode. Beware the Christmas pterodactyl!

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE the holidays. As I mentioned before I start in earnest on Thanksgiving, and chug along all through Christmas and straight into New Years.

There are numerous things I love about the holiday season — the sights, the smells, the snow, music, movies etc…and I thought this would be a good place to share my favorites this month.

First up: The Disney Christmas Parade. A longtime Christmas morning staple while opening presents and eating breakfast with the family, being so close means now I can go see the parade in person. Minus the extra characters and the fabulous celebrities and the sometimes-hokey commentary from lovely morning news anchors and/or Ryan Seacrest. But still. I LOVE this parade.

Here’s my “short” version of the parade, through pictures!


It starts off with a Clara-esque music box and giant teddy bear welcoming everyone, who are followed by…


The tin soldiers!

I love these guys…and Pluto behind them!



Mrs. Claus, reading all the letters to Santa

A very cheery elf, one of many along the parade route:



Dancing snowflakes!

Of course snowflakes lead to snow on the ground, and that leads to…


Adorable baby snowmen!

It’s not Christmas without Goofy and Max building a ginormous gingerbread house.


And then the princesses arrive! I’m a big fan of the stepsisters, who kick things off — I love their flouncy dresses.


Gepetto puts his toy-making skills to work:


The 7 dwarves are a little out of place, but they bring a really pretty gem-stone tree with them!



I love her swish-y dress.

They save the best for last though…


Santa's Reindeer!


SO cute.

And finally, the big guy himself:




Have any of you seen the parade in person? Do you watch it on Christmas morning like me?

Coming up tomorrow, in Christmas-y and TV related awesomeness — GLEE does Christmas tonight! Yay!

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