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I am SOOOO excited for Brave, you guys. SO. EXCITED. It comes out on June 22nd, but luckily, Pixar’s newest princess Merida, and all the fun of the Scottish Highlands have already arrived at Disneyland. And on one of our group trips a couple weeks ago we got to MEET her!! (Seriously, it’s sad how excited about this I was. It was the driving force of my afternoon.) Brave has set up shop right across from It’s A Small World. Before meeting Merida, you have the opportunity to discover which clan you’re in, color and play a mini game or two.


Then, it’s time to meet Merida herself!



While you’re meeting Merida you also have the chance to see 3 wee beat cubs who’ve tagged along. They are REALLY adorable, and pay attention (or purposefully ignore) the cameras. A new friend informed me (for the curious) that they’re actually PUPPETS, each controlled by an individual person. I was seriously amazed.


Finally, you get to try your hand at a little archery lesson. This was somewhat harder than I thought it would be, since they hold the bow with you (to discourage shenanigans) which makes aiming and getting your arm in the right position a little tricky.


At least for me…Jeremy got a bullseye! Can’t wait til we go back to say hello again! The lines weren’t terrible and we definitely didn’t take full advantage of the activities.


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