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As I’ve said before, I get a LOT of mileage out of my D23 membership from living in the LA area. Aside from the awesome magazine (full of gorgeous pictures, and great articles too, of course) there are a number of events at Disneyland and the studio lot in Burbank that I’ve had the ability to attend — like the Ponyo premiere in Hollywood, D23’s 1st Birthday Party, and the D23 Expo.

They’ve been doing screenings on the lot pretty frequently, and when a screening of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (a month before it airs on Disney Channel) followed by a Q&A came up on the site I geekily jumped at the chance to go. DCOM’s (Disney Channel Original Movies…) are pretty much the ultimate guilty pleasure for me. There is rarely one I don’t enjoy, especially if it involves a lot of music.

This lights up at night!

We were asked not to give too much away, since it doesn’t air for almost a month, and no cameras were allowed inside, so you’ll have to check out D23’s article on the event for pictures of the panel, but here are my brief thoughts on Camp Rock 2:

* I liked it a lot more than the first one. Not that I didn’t enjoy the first one, but this one (as mentioned in the Q&A) was much more of a “musical” i.e. spontaneous dance numbers that move the story along vs the previous one which used a lot of performance numbers (stages, microphones, etc), and I loooove musicals.

* Speaking of the music, my favorite songs after the initial viewing were: Can’t Back Down, Wouldn’t Change a Thing, and Introducing Me. After repeat viewings that list will probably grow. Because Disney songs are annoyingly (or awesomely, depending on your viewpoint) catchy like that.

* Many more quippy one-liners this time around. Also, a fun stunt thing that happens early on that is awesome.

…being vague is difficult. Get excited for fun dancing (Alyson Stoner!), catchy songs, general summer goofiness and other expected DCOM fun.

The panel following featured Michael Healy (senior vice president, Original Movies, Disney Channel), Steve Vincent (vice president, Music and Soundtracks, Disney Channel), director Paul Hoen and screenwriter Dan Berendsen. Some quick hits from that:

* Writer Dan put himself through college working at Club 33. Seems like many Disney greats (hello, John Lassiter) started one way or another in those parks. Woot!

*When asked about the old Vault Disney shows (classics of the 50s/60s and lots of animated shorts), Michael Healy said there are no current plans to get them back on the air, since airing them at 2/3 AM (since they have, you know, Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana to air for the current generations) seems like a disservice to the material. BUT with the expansion of various viewing markets (read: the internet/hulu/ipad etc etc) opening up, he also said there’s definitely hope they’ll be seen again soon. I’m personally hoping that they’ll be including all varieties of oldies (up through the 80s/90s/early 00s, which are all unfortunately for me in this “old” category now) — I want to see Mickey Mouse Club & Zorro AND Gummi Bears/Famous Jett Jackson etc

Upon exiting the theater, we were all gifted with some pretty cool Camp Rock “swag”:

Handing out goodie bags

I didn’t get a clear picture of it at the time, but I decided to send one of the bags to my good friend and resident king of all things Jonas Brothers, Gerald and he did post a picture:

So…that’s my take on Camp Rock 2! Coming to Disney Channel September 3rd


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