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I graduated from the University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. Like all schools there was a popularity hierarchy, at least to some extent, with members of clubs and sporting teams, before it melded into the-everyone-elses (which is bound to happen at a large school.) Ours started like this:

1. Men’s Basketball Team (Go Tarheels!)

2. The Clef Hangers, the predominant Male A Capella group on Campus

3. Football Team, The Achordants (male a capella group #2) etc etc

So last night, The Warblers were pretty much a flashback to one of my FAVORITE parts of college. Impromptu concert? Oh you mean like the ones the Clefs used to do around campus before a concert? Like on my dorm steps, or during dinner at my sorority house? Swoon.


Favorite Moments of “Never Been Kissed”:

* Best Song of the Night: I liked the mashups this week, but Teenage Dream won by a long shot thanks to my aforementioned adoration of A Capella groups. They were so cute! And it was such a good rendition of the song! Sigh. Loved it SO MUCH.

* This was basically a “and now…a very special episode of Glee” kind of episode. But it was a REALLY GOOD very special episode of Glee, and incredibly topical, given all the stories of teen (predominantly gay) bullying in the news lately. I honestly did not see the big kiss coming until about 2 seconds before it did. The whole thing made me just feel…sad, for everyone. Kurt, because things may get better with Blaine around, but it doesn’t seem like things are really going to change that much. Karofsky, because he’s an angry closeted homophobe and that sucks. Everyone else, because Kurt is right — they never really notice or do much to prevent bullying at McKinley. Why doesn’t anyone check on Kurt when he’s shoved into lockers like 5 times in one day? Argh.

* If that storyline wasn’t depressing enough, there was slightly-funny-but-not-really subconscious bullying of Coach Bieste. Tina’s vision of her smoking a cigar in a tutu WAS funny, but they play Coach Bieste as such a softie that I felt really bad for her. Especially when she found out what was going on. I know Mr Shue felt like he had to tell her…but come on! Awful. Also kinda awful was that pity kiss he gave her so she could say she’d been kissed before. At least he was showing effort that he was trying to not be a rude creep per usual…but it still came off as a pity kiss to me.

* I love that Tina was the one that needed cooling off instead of Mike though — it was really funny. Also funny, how Mike felt the need to pipe up that it was Tina, not just “the guys” every single time it was mentioned last night.

* I love that since they were supposed to be as opposite to themselves as possible for the Boys (singing girl songs) vs Girls (singing boy songs) competition, that Rachel wouldn’t say a word or really do anything at all. Hilarious.

* Finally — we learned who the new competition is going to be! I really hope we see The Hipsters perform. Anyone want to bet that will be a Betty White guest appearance?

* Puck was back yay! Though of course they had to make me feel bad for him too, with his little outburst about how no one cares about him (kinda true…no one really acted differently when he was in juvie) and about how much juvie sucked for him. “They kept taking all my egos” Poor Puck. Hopefully his friendship/community service agreement with Artie will make them BOTH better people though.

* “Looks like he’s not coming out anytime soon” — Thanks for breaking up the tension, Blaine.

* Sue’s confetti canons. Awesome. I like that she had Becky take Will a note, instead of dragging him to the auditorium herself, so that she could maintain the theatrics of the moment (at least that’s how I saw it).

* WE BE GOING TO BREADSTIX. I love Breadstix almost as much as Brittany and Santana anymore. Great scenes. (Side note — since the Brittany/Britney episode, I for some reason feel like I’m always spelling Brittany the wrong way. Sigh)

*Artie’s face, when the guys called Coach Bieste “a chocolate turtle with a nougat-y center” was priceless. You could tell that was not exactly the tough-but-sweet metaphor he would have gone with.

So…what’d you think? (Sorry this is a day late btw!) How excited are you for next week?! TERRIBLE TERRI RETURNS HOORAY! Also, Gwyneth Paltrow?! And also — that song with the umbrellas is apparently going to be a mashup of “Umbrella” and “Singing in the Rain”, which I am ridiculously excited for. Did anyone notice the Donald O’Connor “Make Em Laugh” homage that was briefly shown? I’M SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS!

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