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During the Annual Pass preview, we spent the majority of our time in Carsland but I was also really eager to check out Buena Vista Street. My love of Old Hollywood/early LA history makes this a PERFECT place for me. I couldn’t wait to see LA as Walt knew it when he first got there.

While we didn’t see any of the shows in this new entrance area (not sure if any of them were even supposed to perform that day, to be honest) it did not disappoint!

All of the store fronts are unique and absolutely gorgeous. On the inside, it seemed like it might not all have been set up yet (some of the rooms were pretty empty) but the decorations were very realistic.


Though I’ve obviously never walked around LA as Walt knew it in the 20’s I was feeling some SERIOUS nostalgia as we were wandering around.

(a citizen of LA circa 1923)

We found Mickey over by the Red Car Trolley (it was just hanging out parked while we were there) which was a nice surprise.



We also HAD to check out the Fiddler, Fife and Practical Cafe while we were there- it’s the home to the very first Starbucks on Disney property! The inside of the café is great- very home-y. It feels like its been around forever, when in fact it’s only a couple days old!


Hopefully the lines for Starbucks won’t be too bad when we come back 😉 I’m sensing this will be my first stop on the way to fast passes for Carsland from here on out!

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