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For finally, finally, FINALLY finishing your children’s series, The Unicorn Chronicles.

It was one of my favorite series, along with Nancy Drew and about a million other things. I started reading this series in probably 2nd grade. Or at least I thought it was going to be a series. It said “Book 1” at the top, and he spoke of how excited he was to start a series like the one he was creating with The Unicorn Chronicles.

I loved that book. An epic “family” feud between the Hunters (also their last name) and the unicorns in a fanciful world that a young girl named Cara jumps to through a portal from the real world when she and her grandmother were attempting to escape the Hunters. Full of great action and funny characters with funnier names, I re-read it a lot — it was practically falling apart. I patiently awaited Book 2.

Book 2 came out 10 years after Book 1. Ten. YEARS.

At this point it wasn’t as challenging a read as it was when I was 7, but I still enjoyed the story and world Mr. Coville created.

3 years or so later — Book THREE!

And now, finally, as I was roaming the shelves of The Grove’s Barnes & Noble a fine Sunday afternoon, there was Book 4: The Last Hunt (and final book in the series, according to the introductory acknowledgements) sitting in the New Releases in the Children’s Section.

I caved.

Never could resist an interesting story, regardless of supposed “age limits”. I’ll let you know how it is!! 😉

*In other blog news — due to me continuously forgetting to sync my phone and clear up space so I can edit some video of my trip…the next posts in my Adventures in Maui series have obviously been delayed. Look for some hula/luau fun in the coming days.


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